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  • Sherry Gladman
    On Okinawa 1967-1970
    I am 68 years old and that was indeed without a doubt the most memorable 4 years of my life. I still have dreams that I am on the island. It is mt greatest desire to go back at least one more time in my life. I was so happy to find this site so I can read anything and everything about Okinawa.
    If anyone would contact me about the good old days there, or now, I would love to Communicate. I am hoping to return in the next year or so, and I'd kinda like to know how drastically it has changed.
    Please, please, please me.
    Wichita, Kansas


  • Ronnie Domingue
    Son was stationed on Okinawa and Ronnie made a trip over there in 2005
    Lafayette, LA


  • Mark O. Stemple
    On Okinawa 1968-1969
    my wife kazue is okinawan , hopefully we are retireing and moving there in 7 to 8 years
    Norman, Oklahoma

  • Rockney Jones
    Okinawa 1960-62
    Austin, TX

  • Randy Thompson
    Okinawa 1967-69 and 1978-81
    The first [assignment to Okinawa] was as a single Navy person at Hanza. Loved most of all the Orion beer - obviously a young sailor would. Enjoyed greatest food in the world including Kobe beef. To this day we compare all Japanese and Chinese food to Oki's.
    The second trip was even more enjoyable with my young family. Fran, my wife, and Stacy and Josh our children. It was their first trip out of the USA.
    Lewisville, Texas