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You are listening to 唐船ドーイー by 金城実.

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I had the great pleasure of meeting for lunch with Alan Clutter (see MailBag, page 10) in August, 07. We had corresponded a few times and he happened to be in town, so we planned to meet and had a very pleasant visit.

Hey, Alan! I hope it was as good for you as it was for me - to shake hands, share a meal and talk about the old days, that is.
If I'm ever in Kankekee, Illinois I'll look you up and return your kindness!

I had a great time with the guys and gals of the 9th AVRS. We met in Nashville for their annual reunion.
Sincere thanks, guys, for inviting me to attend.
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Okinawa Video Vignettes
James Knott, AgileHProductions
Introduction Okinawa
Heading North
Hedo Masaki
Hiking Route 58
Hentona to Ogimi
Family in Nakijin
Nakijin Castle and Village
Ie Jima
Jungle of Yonaha Dake
Ocean Expo Park and Churaumi Park
US Military and Central Okinawa
Katsuren Jo
Kokusai Dori
Musical Traditions
Tug of War
Heiwa Dori and Mkishi Public Market
Shuri Castle
Sefa Utake
Okinawa World and Gyokusendo Cave
WW II Peace Memorial
Final Thoughts
Here's some more stuff And, here's a batch of other stuff

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