How to Advertise on This Website
If you already have a commercial web page... that is, one that advertises a product or service... and you want that page to become part of this web site, you can purchase one or more HYPERLINKS that connect your page to this site. If you don't have your own web page yet, we can help you with that, too.

A HYPERLINK, or more simply - a LINK, is usually an interactive directory listing that visitors to the site can click on and be "transported" instantly to your web page. Most links appear as Underlined Blue Text , but in certain instances may be installed as logo-style images, icons, banners or other graphic art.

There are many excellent locations on the site where you may want to have your link installed, depending on your needs and the nature of your presentation.

You are at liberty to choose which page(s) of the website you want your link(s) (hyperlink, banner or other commercial image). The owner of the site reserves the right to place the link in a location on the page which will benefit the advertiser but will not interfere with the overall continuity and integrity of the page content.

A one-time initial fee is required prior to posting the hyperlink, banner or other commercial image. In certain circumstances, on an individual basis, a hyperlink can be placed pending receipt of payment. If payment is not received within 15 days of posting the owner will remove the hyperlink until such payment is received.

Type of Link Initial
one-time fee
$ 15.00 Annual Renewal $ 5.00
you provide
$ 25.00 $ 2.00/month
or $ 20.00/year
payable up front
$ 5.00
I create
$ 50.00 $ 2.00/month
or $ 20.00/year
payable up front
$ 5.00
Other Image
You provide
Cost depends upon size of image
Up to 35K in size $25.00
35K to 50K in size $40.00
Over 50K - we can discuss
A commercial image that I create for you -
We'll discuss what you want, my ability to
produce it and the cost.
If you don't have a webpage and would like one
get in touch with me at /

Make check or money order payable to:

S. A. McClary
P.O. Box 6245
Great Falls, Montana 59406

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