Hi! Here's the code you want to put into your website's HTML in order to display the link to ClickOkinawa.com and to show the banner you've chosen:

Download the code so that you can simply copy and paste: [Click here]

Some browsers will display a webpage instead of allowing you to download the .txt file. If that happens you might not see the code but instead will see a banner.

If you know how to write your own code to make it work on your site then go ahead and get 'er done! Please use the URL: www.ClickOkinawa.com in your code.

If you can see the code displayed on your screen, good! Proceed with the following suggestions:

IMPORTANT! - Be sure that the two numerals following the "BannerClickOki" in your code corresponds to the banner you've chosen to use.

In the code above the second banner is coded - BannerClickOki02.jpg

If you chose the fourth banner, for example, you would change the "02" to "04"

If you still need help, e-mail me at mickmc@mcn.net and I'll walk you through it.

Thanks a load for chosing to add a link to my website on yours!

I want to return the courtesy, so let me know that you've added a link, send me the URL (web address) to the page that you've put the link on and I'll get one up on my website linking to yours!
Mata ne!