Message I received From a friend of E.F. Buddy Howard:

Hello Mick,

That is a very good tribute you made to Buddy on your Okinawa web page. My brother, who is a pianist in the Atlanta, GA area introduced me to Buddy via email. I had never met Buddy personally, but we had so much in common after we started emailing each other.

I was in the Seabees also, I was in the 135th Battalion, and we were at Okinawa also. Buddy sent me a huge map showing where all the battalions and units were when the war ended. His outfit wasn't too far from ours.

He remembers the big typhoon in Oct. of what, 45 or 46, danged if I can remember that now, anyway we talked of a lot of things we experienced at Tinian is the Mariannas, and of course, Okinawa.

I am sorry I never did get to meet Buddy personally. We were going to next August. I am a minister, and I have a wedding down there then, and we were planning to get together then where my brother plays at a piano bar. Strange the way things happen.

Anyway, thanks for sending me the Okinawa page, you may not be interested, but our battalion had the last fire fight with the Japs after the war. I didn't know it had been published, but Buddy sent me a copy of a copy...Anyway, thanks for the tribute, I am sure Buddy would have liked it.

Frank Denman

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