Message I received From a friend of E.F. Buddy Howard:

Mr. McClary,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your fitting tribute to my good friend, Buddy Howard. He was a terrific man, and one hell of character. Let me tell you a little bit about Buddy.

I am a Marine and was served in Okinawa from 1994-1998. While in Okinawa I got an e-mail from this Buddy Howard guy, saying that he had served on Okinawa during WW II. He was interested in getting some video or photos of his old camp site near Awase. Well, being very grateful for his service to our country during the war, I unhesitatingly said yes. So I took tons of photos and shot some good video footage of the area as well as the museum down at Camp Kinser. Buddy was very pleased with the imagery and sent me some of his mementos from the war.

That was the start of a long internet friendship while I served on Oki. When I was reassigned to Cherry Point, North Carolina, Buddy and his wife Belle drove up from Georgia and paid us a visit. Let me tell you, sir, a finer couple you will never meet. My family and I made four trips down to Georgia to visit them and their family. I grew to love Buddy and Belle, and will forever miss him and his wonderful sense of humor. This guy was a REAL practical jokester! He even made a potato gun and was shooting potatoes out into a lake to the great delight of my children. I'm sorry for rambling, and for the poor description of such a fine human being, but I thought you should know that your efforts to honor him are very much appreciated.

Thank you, sir.

Alan Higgins
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