Message I received From a friend of E.F. Buddy Howard:

Well, I'll add my two cents worth about Buddy........

I didn't know him except over the e-mail. We were Seabees and that brought us together. Now I find out he lived in Forsyth, GA, and 20 years ago my family and I lived in Macon ('79-'83). I enjoyed his e-mails and will miss them. My prayers are with his family.

As an aside, I have tried to encourage the Seabees here in Las Vegas to write down their military/Seabee history so their children, grandchildren and others can read of their accomplishments in life. No heroics, just the things that you best remember. I wish I had that from my Dad, so maybe I can leave some history for my grandkids. Any on this mail list that fits that shoe, please write it down so that unique history is not lost.

Best regards,
Scott Williams, MCB 2, MCB 3, Kodiak
Las Vegas, NV

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