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Great Falls, Montana
Re-enactment of the Lewis & Clark Portage camp!

Take a 2-hour journey back in time to the camp of Lewis & Clark during their portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri River! Knowing that there was no way that they'd be able to get their boats over the Falls, Captain Lewis decided to portage around the Great Falls.

During their winter stay in the Mandan village of South Dakota, Indian leaders had informed him of the mighty waterfall that awaited him as he journeyed West. Much to Lewis' surprise, there was not one, but FIVE waterfalls that made it necessary for the Corps of Discovery to carry their equipment overland around the falls. It was a 17-mile portage that took well over a month to accomplish.

This video will show you some of the authentic features of their encampment, re-enacted by the official Lewis & Clark Honor Guard, a group of volunteer historian/player men (and woman who plays Sacagawea).

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Gather the kids around for a terrific two-hour history lesson that will thrill them and enthrall you as well.

  • Begin with an introduction to Captains Lewis and Clark as they welcome you to their encampment. It's all in the "first person" too, so they won't know what a camera is, they don't know that you drove a SUV to get to their camp and they certainly won't be able to answer any questions that require knowledge of events AFTER their portage.
  • Learn about the weapons they brought with them, the ammunition and how it was made every night around the camp-fire.
  • See what they had for medical treatment along the way. Fortunately there was little need as the party remained quite safe and healthy most of the time.
  • What did they wear? How long before what they brought with them wore out? See how they made their own buckskins, moccasins and other apparel.
  • What did they eat? How did they cook it? What did they like and what did they despise?
  • See what happens to a couple of the enlisted men who got into the whiskey - a little extra duty... there weren't potatoes for peeling so they had to dig.... well, I don't want to ruin the plot!
  • How did they cache their supplies along the way>
  • How did they make their boats? What worked - and what didn't?
  • Many, many more features!! If I list them all here, you won't be surprised by all the rest!
  • Native American culture, including dance, is here for you to see too!
  • It all ends most reverently with a moving closing ceremony.

    You're gonna love this ride in a time-machine to nearly 200 years ago.

    I don't want to mislead you - this is NOT a "Hollywood" production. It's a COPY and the quality is good but not what you expect when you buy a commercial recording.
    I am a not a shaky-handed videographer, flitting from one scene to another. The scenes are well composed and the flow and edits are pretty decent. I believe that you'll appreciate the quality of this film!

    S. A. Mick McClary, P.O. Box 6245, Great Falls, MT 59406

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