Along the Lewis & Clark Trail - the Gates of the Mountains
  • VHS format. 1 hour 25 min tour
  • Beautiful boat trip up the river to the Gates
  • Narration by a knowledgable guide

  • In this tour, we begin on Interstate 15, just south of Great Falls, Montana and within minutes we're on the water.
    Lewis and Clark wrote in their journals about this awesome geologic marvel and named it "Gates of the Mountains," a name that has persisted for nearly 200 years.
    We ride a boat up the river to The Gates and are treated to a step-by-step, feature-by-feature narrative.
    See the gorge where 13 firwfighters lost their lives in one of the Forest Service's worst fires in the state.

    Our guide provides you with a wealth of information about the geology, the history from pre-historic to "Old West" to the present and mixes in some humor and a little something to entertain the kids as well as the adults. The photo above, on the right, is a look at the Gates of the Mountains "Monster!"

    Above and on the left is a geologic formation which remarkably resembles an elephant! You'll see mountain sheep, hawks circling our boat, a natural bridge and a very rare type of moss. There is a virtual wealth of discovery along this Trail! After floating the river and seeing the sights, we end with a cruise back down I-15 and into Great Falls. You'll love this peaceful, informative and entertaining Lewis & Clark Trail experience!

    I don't want to mislead you - this is NOT a "Hollywood" production. It's a COPY and the quality is good but not what you expect when you buy a commercial recording. I am a not a shaky-handed videographer, flitting from one scene to another. The scenes are well composed and the flow and edits are pretty decent. I believe that you'll appreciate the quality of this film!