Browning, Montana
July 9, 2000

This is a 2-hour VHS format "Montana Video Tour" of an exciting afternoon of Native American culture.
The Blackfeet community of Browning, Montana, sponsors this annual event and I have it here for you to enjoy!!

We begin with a view of a buffalo herd just south of Browning and close it up with some "highway art" so commonly seen around Indian country.

The powwow opens with Sunday Mass and Communion preceding the Grand Entry, led off by the Color Guard.

The arbor then rapidly fills with inter-tribal dancers, most of whom are from Indian nations in Montana and Canada. The hand drum team of Young Grayhorse plays the Flag Song which is followed by a tribute to the Eagle Staff.

Introduction of Miss Tiny Tot, Indian Days Princess and Miss Indian Days gives way to an address by councilman, Howard Doerr. Then there is posting of the colors.

The Powwow goes through the afternoon and I'll show you some inter-tribal hand drummers, honors for the Stick Game champions and a vast array of dances such as Chicken Dance competition, Grass Dancers and many more. Many hand drum team performances and Heavy Runner Memorial Dances.

Don't miss this video - it is at LEAST an evening of enchantment for the lucky high bidder!!

I don't want to mislead you - this is NOT a "Hollywood" production. It's a COPY and the quality is good but not what you expect when you buy a commercial recording.
I am a not a shaky-handed videographer, flitting from one scene to another. The scenes are well composed and the flow and edits are pretty decent. I believe that you'll appreciate the quality of this film!

View Samples (mpeg movie clips) HERE