2002 Round Dance, Great Falls, Montana Great Falls, Montana
Round Dance, 2002
Navajo Ghost Dance
Wow! You thought that last year's Round Dance video was terrific!? Wait till you see this one!

Once again, the Gopher Family is sponsor to the annual festive Round Dance. Two nights of ceremony and dancing was just too much to try to edit down to a 2-hour VHS so this year I offer you more of the events on two T-120 VHS videotapes! See more of the people, the kids, the prayers, the feed, the dancing and the community of Native American neighbors from all around the states of Montana, Wtoming and Washington.

There were more drum teams this year too and I've got more of them, providing more songs and dancing! Mike and Carol were married the second day of Round Dance and, although I haven't included their wedding ceremony I can show you their Shawl Dance and the Blanket Dance in honor of the hand-drum singing teams.

If you enjoyed last year's Round Dance you've GOT to see this one! Gift-giving, 50-50 and good food, friends and fellowship makes this 2-tape event a must have for your collection of Tour Montana Videos!