I'm glad you made it in to read entries from my readers. I hope that you'll find an old acquaintence and reunite with him/her!
That would make the purpose of my website even more rewarding!
Have a good time!

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Reader: D. J. Brush
e-mail: dkbrush@mtco.com
Reference: Did a search on Kadena AB
Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 4:23 PM
I think that your website is great! I think that I have most of those slides at least some of them look familiar.
I am returning to Kadena AB this summer with my Air Guard unit - 182d Aerial Port Flight IL ANG Peoria, IL.
I was at Kadena AB from March 1967 - January 1968 as a very young two-striper. I was a fuels specialist assigned to the 18th Supply SQ.(POL). I was transferred there from Clark AB, RP. We lived in the middle of the three big barracks on the top of the hill above the fire station. There was a radar installation behind/above us. I'm afraid that I didn't get to see much of the island at that time as I worked night shift "12 on and 12 off" (1900 - 0700) and only got one day a week off. I slept most of those days.. I was relieved of duty the night that the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans. I did get to go home on time, but I was sweating every moment that I was going to have to stay for "the duration" of the incident.
Many things were completed during my time there: The second parallel runway was built and relieved much of the congestion in launching the tanker missions. They flew several recon sorties daily by the "blackbirds" of both kinds. I had a hand in putting the fuels storage system into service that was to support the new cargo plane coming into service - the C-5. There were five tanks built near Yomitan.
Kadena has always been a special base for me as I have several lasting friendships from those days.
I am looking forward to returning this year. I am finally winding down my career after 32 years active and guard time. I can't think of a better place to spend my last "summer camp". This time, I intend to see as much as possible!
Good job!
Best Regards,
LtCol Dicky J. Brush

Visitor: Jim Esbeck
Reference: surfing for Okinawa Information
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Contact: JEsbeck@prodigy.net
Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2000 10:40 PM
I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed coming upon your Okinawa web-site. I was stationed at Naha Air Base Okinawa as a C-130 Crew-Chief on flying status from November 1964 - May 1966 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am retiring the 29th of December from US Civil Service with the Arizona Air National Guard. I had almost all of my photos from Okinawa and my USAF travels stolen when I was stationed in Tucson at Davis-Monthan AFB and was trying to locate some pictures of Okinawa in the Naha, Naminoue area from the mid 60's for my scrapbook. I have a friend who was stationed with me at Naha AB Okinawa as a C-130 Engine Mechanic and we have been working together at the AZ ANG since 1972 and he is also retiring the end of this month. We greatly enjoy talking about the good times we had on Okinawa. I was gone a lot with my C-130, but enjoyed all time I was on Okinawa. In all my travels in the Pacific, I liked the Okinawan people the best.
I have some friends who work at the Great Falls Air National Guard. I used to fly through there and enjoy the beauty of your BIG SKY country. You can stand on the ANG Flightline at the Great Falls Airport and see "forever" towards Canada. I hope to be able to travel in that part of the country sometime and visit my friends. Once again, thanks for all your efforts to promote Okinawa. I sure would sure like to visit Okinawa once again to see the changes that have transpired over 35 years.
Have a Happy New Year!

Visitor: David Taira
Reference: I found you quite by accident
Location: Originally from Littleton, Colorado but now in Gardena, California
Web Info:
Contact: davidnt@earthlink.net
Date: Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 01:56:42 (EDT)
Comments: My parents were both born in Okinawa, Motobu in fact. My father's name was Senho Taira and he was born in 1889, the third son of Senshun Taira. My mother's maiden name was Moto Matsuda. She was born in 1897. They came to the United States in 1920 by ship and entered the US in Seattle, Washington. Both are deceased now, but I am interested in finding out about my heritage and to find out more about my family. The only realative that I know of is a pharmacist by the name of Kotaku Omi who is my cousin. I have tried to write to him several times but to no avail. If anyone by chance can help me find information about my family or of any other relatives still living in Okinawa, I would really appreciate hearing from them. If anyone has any ideas that might help me locate my relatives, please contact me via e-mail Thanks for the space and the time!

Visitor: Mike Summers
Reference: Surfing for CCk AFB
Location: California
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 00:42:07 (EDT)
Comments: Station in Taiwan 73-75 Closed base was a LOX guy

WebSite: N/A
Web Info: N/A
Date: Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 20:24:17 (EDT)

Visitor: Margie Ishikawa Manulid
Location: now in New York
Web Info:
Contact: MIManulid@aol.com
Date: Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 16:39:00 (EDT)
Comments: Maybe someone can help me..? I was born on Okinawa back in 59. Graduate of Christ the King School. I'm looking for a doctor who have helped rescue my mother when she was pregnant with me. If any physician or anyone who knows about the incident of military plane crashing in Ishikawa elementary school back in '59. Please email me to the above email address. ....to let you know how greatly I appreciate for saving my mom's life. And here I am! I'm well and healthy!!!

Visitor: Sheldon Topham
Reference: Been here before
Location: Crosby, Texas
Web Info:
Contact: combatapple@aol.com
Date: Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 10:52:55 (EDT)
Comments: Wow Mick. You take up a lot of cyber space. I looked at your pictures and video tour of Okinawa from one of your Web sites. It helped jog some of the cob webs out of my memory bank. I had some really great times on Okinawa when I was there from 1969 to 1972. I was a Vietnamese linguist assigned to the 6990th Security Squadron at Kadena Air Force Base. I flew Combat Apple missions on RC135's as an Airborne Voice Intercept Operator. Our missions were over Laos paralleling North Vietnam and in the Gulf of Tonkin between North Vietnam and Hainan Island of China. The Combat Apple missions ceased in 1975 so I've heard. When I wasn't flying out of Kadena, I was TDY in Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam flying reconaisance missions on RC130's. When I wasn't doing either, then I partied and tried to live like every day would be my last because you never knew if your next mission would be your last. Between the combat missions and partying I don't know how I survived those days. I was very proud to have been in the USAF and a member of the 6990th Security Squadron. I was proud of the job we did in the Vietnam war effort. We were not in the business of taking lives but rather saving them. I hope to hear from any Combat Apple backenders who may remember me or anyone else that may want to share memories and good times with me.

Visitor: Sheldon Topham
Reference: Just dropped in
Location: Crosby, Tx
Web Info:
Contact: combatapple@aol.com
Date: Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 13:15:24 (EDT)
Comments: I was at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa from 1969 to 1972. I was with the 6990th Security Squadron and flew combat apple missions on RC135's. Enjoyed Okinawa very much when I was there. It seems like a life time ago. I always called Okinawa a GI's paradise because of all the eating places, night life and island scenery. Sometimes it was hard to stay focused as I recall. One minute you are flying missions over Vietnam and Laos, the next minute you are partying with your buds back on Okinawa. The total experience was very rewarding and if I had it to do all over again I would. Here's to all my Silent Warrior buddies out there.

Visitor: Beth
Reference: surfing okinawa websites
Location: Charlotte, NC
Web Info:
Contact: hairkutrbeth@aol.com
Date: Sun, Aug 06, 2000 at 10:23:12 (EDT)
Comments: This is a great site. Just thinking of old memories...I lived on Camp Kinser with my ex in 92-95 and love Okinawa..This was a great way for me to visit again..

Visitor: Mike Auleta
Reference: Search on Okinawa
Location: New Jersey
Web Info:
Contact: lauleta@injersey.com
Date: Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 14:52:37 (EDT)
Comments: Much thanks

Visitor: Clark N. Nelson
Reference: Yahoo search machine
Location: Powder Springs, Georgia
Web Info:
Contact: dixiehs55@aol.com
Date: Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 00:18:49 (EDT)
Comments: Mick . . . Thanks for the site. Also, John London (Kume) and I (Miyako) served in the 623rd during the same period 1957-58 . . . hello, killdeer. My main comment, however . . . I'm looking for an aerial photo of Miyako Jima. I've been looking for years . . . I'll take color or black & white, for it doesn't really matter. I need an aerial shot of the entire island, however. Can anyone out there help? -- Thanks

Visitor: Serena
Reference: Excite, search engine
Location: California
Web Info:
Contact: kleinengel@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 18:22:51 (EDT)
Comments: I love this page. I have been looking for a page that will tell me a little about Okinawa. I am going to visit there in 3 weeks to see my boyfriend, who is stationed at MCAS Futenma. I am excited, and very curious about Okinawa. I don't know much about it, but everyone tells me I will never want to come home. Can anyone give me helpful hints on how to make my trip better? Especially..the food.

Visitor: Yee CP
Reference: Looking around for some info on Okinawa and stumbled onto the site
Location: Singaporean working in Tokyo
Web Info:
Contact: p_card@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 03:44:18 (EDT)
Comments: Hi Mick. I've been in jpn for the past 3 years and have during this time developed a great affinity for Okinawa. Never been there personally myself. However through my contact with my Okinawan friends here in Tokyo and the readings that I have done, I have come to love this place and her people. An exact mirror image of the beauty of the islands, Okinawans are pure, gentle and kind. But these are also the qualities that open them up to harrassment and bullying. Each time I read about the atrocities committed on them and the injustice they have suffered or are now suffering, I am filled with irrepressible rage and indignation. These people should be treasured and admired and they have done nothing to deserve the outrage and humiliation they are forced to bear. In this respect, I want to thank you for the great site that, I feel, serves to correct the wrongs that were or are bein

Visitor: David Dion
Reference: want to revisit Okinawa after 29 years
Location: Burbank, California /Los Angeles County
WebSite: Vavoomnoho.com
Web Info:
Contact: VavoomD@netscape.net
Date: Sun, Jun 18, 2000 at 04:16:58 (EDT)
Comments: Realy enjoyed this website. It was quite interesting informative and reminicent. I was stationed at Camp Hansen in from 7/71 to 7/72. I want to return soon for a visit after dreaming one night about the Rock. I hope to return as a civilian. I am trying to get flight info and hotel info. Any kind of help in this matter would be appriciated. Please email me at VavoomD@netscape.net. or visit my website at vavoomnoho.com. I am a ladies clothing designer, just thought I would mention that, from USMC to ladies clothing...not bad aye!! See ya and thanks for the Okinawa website, I enjoyed it and I'll be back. Dave

Visitor: John London
Reference: You signed the guest book @ the 623rd.
Location: Virginia Beach
WebSite: Kume Jima - Okinawa - Japan
Web Info: Devoted to Kume Jima & Okinawa & 623rd.
Contact: kumegoose@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 13:30:30 (EDT)
Comments: Mick; You have a great site. Haven't seen it all yet - so I'll be back. I was on Kume 57-58 time frame. Come visit my site, it is devoted to all things Kume. please sign the guest book too. Perhaps we could link to each other's site. Will you be in Dayton in Sep? John

Visitor: Anne (Freimuth) Statland
Reference: Somehow from the Kubasaki web site
Location: Born and raised on Okinawa -- left in 1966 -- currently live in No. Virginia
Web Info:
Contact: statland@erols.com
Date: Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 16:26:39 (EDT)
Comments: What a fun Web site!! Spent a little time on it this afternoon, but will go back. So much to remember from the time my family and I spent there. My dad, Ed Freimuth, was in WWII on the Rock and got out of the army and stayed as a civilian until 1966. He and my mom were already married with she came over on a troop ship to meet him there and to live. I know neither one of them ever dreamed they would stay so long. We have a lot of history going on there, but as I left when I was a punk teenager, don't remember a lot -- but then on the other hand, I do remember a lot. It comes back in waves as I read some of the entries and go to other sites and read entries there. What a wonderful island Okinawa is. My dad, at 80, is still involved with many in the Okinawan government and they still get in touch with him to talk things over and get advice. He has, probably the most extensive library on Okinawa, anywhere. Anyway, I'm at work now, and shouldn't be taking time to do this, but just had to. Thank you for putting together this dynamic site. I'll be back and know I'll enjoy what I haven't seen yet and enjoy again the places I've already been to. Thank you for the memories. Anne

Visitor: Thomas White
Reference: 1st time (usmc)2nd time the web
Location: Massachusetts USA
Web Info:
Contact: TAWHITE167966268@AOL,COM
Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 at 19:26:30 (EDT)
Comments: I was on Okinawa in 1969-70 it was one of the most thrilling times of my life.The people of the island are some of the kindest people in the world and i love them.I was stationed at Camp Hanson out side of Kin vill with HQ COM. 9TH Marine Amphib, Brigade.I hope and pray that i might return to see some old friends someday.Thank you for bringing back old memories of a time i enjoyed so much.

Visitor: Martha Delaporta
Reference: Searching the internet
Location: Massachusetts
Web Info:
Contact: rdel@naisp.net
Date: Thurs, May 25, 2000 at 20:50:16 (EDT)
Comments: I really enjoyed this site. I have a son who is in the Marine Corps. He is stationed at Camp Hansen. This gave me a chance to get some information, and some idea of what it is like where my son is. Thanks,I will look forward to coming back to look around some more.

Visitor: Itsuko Wells
Reference: Found you in the internet
Location: Okinawa! But live now in Singapore
Web Info:
Contact: echan.misa@pacific.net.sg
Date: Sat, May 20, 2000 at 01:36:15 (EDT)
Comments: I'm a long way from home. It's nice to now when I feel homesick I can just feel close to home by going to your website. I've lived in Hawaii for 10 years, and now live in Singapore, let's see...4th year this year, but I'll always be an Okinawan girl. Miss my family and friends back home. I do try to go back once a year, but every time I go home, Okinawa seems to be changing. Miss the good old days. I'll be visiting your website from time to time when I get lonely and homesick. Thanks!

Visitor: Bridget Gaston
Reference: ask Jeeves
Web Info:
Contact: begaston@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, May 19, 2000 at 03:42:02 (EDT)
Comments: Awesome, great to find. I am living in Okinawa at this present mo on an Isand called Tokashiki in the kerama islands, teaching english. If anyone is out there that knows any history on this Island or who has been here and has any info on the youth centre which use to be an American army base please write me an e mail. I would love to chat. Cheers for providing this guest book!!!

Visitor: dave spilker
Reference: asked jeeves
Location: spokane wa
Web Info:
Date: Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 19:13:29 (EDT)
Comments: I was in Okinawa 1973-1975. Scuba, learned Airborne at Yomitan airstrip(watch out for the dog training site just off the DZ), played Rugby for the Torii Barbarians; stationed at Torii Station. Worked near the beach; would run the fence perimeter 3 times a week (about 3.5 miles);we had a good time on the frontiers of freedom! Hated the Mickey Mouse, tho. Thanks for bringing back the memories! Incidentally, my dad was in on the invasion of Okinawa back in Apr 1945; I got to take pictures of some of the same things he saw. He helped build Hwy 58 and the road around Ie Shima. You guys: Good luck!!

Visitor: Aaron Barthorpe
Reference: pure luck
Location: Bemidji Minnesota
Web Info:
Contact: docbart@northernnet.com
Date: Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 14:31:51 (EDT)
Comments: Just wanted to relive some times I spent on the rock with the jarheads as a Navy Corpsman on Hanson. Enjoyed the tour down memory lane from the mid 80's. Thanks, Doc Bart

Visitor: Rick Davis
Reference: internet search for camp kinser
Location: Kentucky,London
Web Info:
Contact: rov311@compuserve
Date: Sun, Apr 23, 2000 at 22:52:49 (EDT)
Comments: I was stationed on camp kinser in 1984&85.Group NBC 3rd FSSG.I'm looking for photos of camp kinser to show my wife. Thanks very much.

Visitor: Roy Coe
Reference: Surfing the net
Location: Orginally NC, but now reside in CA
Web Info:
Contact: roycoe@ptw.com
Date: Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 10:02:11 (EDT)
Comments: THANKS for bringing back so many wonderful memories. I was stationed at Kadena (18TFW) from Jan 67 to Jul 68 then to Da Nang for a year. Back to Kadena until Jun 73. After one year at Myrtle Beach AFB, was back on Okinawa from July 74 to July 80. They wouldn't let me extend again so I had to do a four year tour at Shaw AFB, but finally got back to Oki in July 84 and stayed until retiring in Oct 88. Many TDY's to Korea, Taiwan, and Phillipines. My daughters still live there. Carolyn Janey Defreitas and Teresa (Sayomi Matsuda) Coe, but my son Bobby now lives here in California. Thanks again for a GREAT web site.

Visitor: Dick Malone
Reference: Searching Japan in general
Location: Oak Harbor, Washington
Web Info:
Contact: rjmalone@webtv.net
Date: Sat, Apr 15, 2000 at 02:36:02 (EDT)
Comments: You have a great website. I have been looking for your maps for a couple of years. I was in the 3rd Engr.Bn., 3rd MarDiv. in 1954. We were sent to Okinawa to begin building camps in preparation for moving the Div. from mainland Japan to Okinawa. Over the years I had heard many camp names but they meant nothing to me. So, your map of U.S. Military Bases was just what I needed. Our main base was Camp Tengan which is now called Camp Courtney. If any of the Old Breed should run across this message I'd like to hear from them.

Visitor: debbie emery
Reference: I ask jeeves about okinawa
Location: stockton, ca
Web Info:
Contact: deblee@gotnet.net
Date: Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 16:42:24 (EDT)
Comments: I lived in okinawa from 1972-1974, when my dad was stationed there in the Army. I was 14 when we arrived,and I had a blast there. Would love to talk to other people there about the same time.

Visitor: Daniel
Reference: Was stationed at Okino AFS
Location: California
Web Info:
Contact: dmen_2000@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 00:22:26 (EDT)
Comments: New to computers and don't know how to download REALPLAYER G2. Any suggestions? Enjoyed the sound track you got and let it play on while I was in other areas! Thanks!

Visitor: howell
Reference: aol okinawa
Location: new jersey usa
Web Info:
Contact: shiatsu37@aol.com
Date: Fri, Mar 31, 2000 at 22:20:32 (EST)
Comments: Waited 30 yrs to travel back. This is the year . Leaving Jun 19,2000 having trouble locating resorts to stay. Do you have recommendations. Traveling with kids need pool and beach. Tour info etc. Lived there from 1960 to 1970. Army brat. love your wed site. hope for a response thanks for any help at all. the howell family

Visitor: Mike Rodman
Reference: Yahoo
Location: Oklahoma
Web Info:
Contact: mrodman@brightok.net
Date: Thurs, Mar 30, 2000 at 05:51:32 (EST)
Comments: This is the best page I have been able to find on Okinawa... I lived there from 64-67...My Dad is buried on the Island in Naha...He was killed in Thailand and his Okinawan wife wanted him burried there...I have one picture of his grave...No pictures of the Island...We lived at F105 Ojana and also in Yonatan and on Base(Kadena)...Thank you very much for the wonderfull pictures...About that smell... Every time I see a pic of Okinawa I can smell that smell.. Thanks Again Your Oklahoma Friend Mike Rodman

Visitor: Jeff Beish
Reference: surfing the net
Location: Florida, but temp in Virginia
Web Info:
Contact: cecropia@gte.net
Date: Sun, Mar 26, 2000 at 08:03:22 (EST)
Comments: Very nice web page full of great memory jogs. While in the USAF I was stationed at Naha AB in the early 1960's for two years and really missed the island after leaving. Even after all these years I can still remember those brief years of my life there. There must be some magic connected with living on that island. After all the places I've lived since I do not have that soft place in my heart like I have for Okianwa. Must be a special place. I was a Judo player before going to Okinawa and that was a reason I put in for that assignment. It was a grat place to learn and practice. Many great Judoka live there and I have never experienced the rough and tumble play we did there since. Too old to get out on the mat now I just remember. Also, had a girl friend there that I still think about from time to time. I ws only 20 then. 40 years later I still wonder what ever happend to her. Okianwa was a special place for me.

Web Info:
Contact: acvd@www.com
Date: Sat, Mar 25, 2000 at 01:22:42 (EST)

Visitor: Homer Yates
Reference: search
Location: Hayfork, Ca
Web Info:
Contact: homery@hayfork.net
Date: Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 14:34:50 (EST)
Comments: Great page!!!!! I was stationed at Kadena in 63 & 64, went to nam after that. I had a great time while there. I loved the people and the beauty of the island. I miss the food, no not the G.I. food but the good food you could get from the people in the small back street cafe where GI's were not suppose to go. I miss the clear waters where I learned to scuba dive at White Beach. Thank you for the GREAT PAGE and all the hard work you did on it.

Visitor: Margit Edwards
Reference: from the Habu.org site
Location: originally Germany, now Texas
WebSite: none yet
Web Info: www.habu.org
Contact: Margit7336@aol.com
Date: Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 07:05:08 (EST)
Comments: You have one of the most informative, creative sites I have seen and absolutely wonderful music. What a trip back in time! We were stationed with the 2nd Log Cmd in Makiminato 1969 - 1972, our son was born at Camp Kue Hospital, and we used to live in the Machinato Housing Area. I will never forget the beautiful beaches of northern Okinawa, the unbelievable blue water. And the people - I learned Japanese there, made lifelong friends, memories we will never forget. The fresh pineapple from the fields, the flowers, the local shops with their exotic goods - it was a wonderful time, and it ended too soon. We plan to revisit next year, can't wait. Okinawa utskushi shima des!

Visitor: CPT K. Michael Beall
Reference: Search engine
Location: Moreno Valley, CA
WebSite: 329th Quartermaster Company (POL)
Web Info:
Contact: Kevin.Beall@usarc-emh2-army.mil
Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 14:46:45 (EST)
Comments: Just checking out your information on Okinawa. I am deploying my unit to Okinawa next Aug and am trying to get as much detail about the island before then. Your website definately helped. Thanks. CPT K. Michael Beall, USAR, Commanding

Visitor: George Watson
Reference: Linked through Yahoo
Location: Origianally Maine
Web Info:
Contact: ghdsw@freewwweb.com
Date: Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 06:18:23 (EST)
Comments: I was looking for Okinawa memories... Thanks. I was stationed there for apprx 7 yrs collectively from 1976 to 1985. Half in the Air Force and half with the Navy. Yomitan tour has special meaning for me. I used to have a girlfriend that lived not too far from the Lighthouse snuggled amongst the sugar cane(and habu) fields. About 2 KM from the cliffs there. Did you ever go there during a storm? Massive waves! OK thanks again. I will go back there one day.

Visitor: Megumi Kurahashi
Location: Japan (mainland)
Web Info:
Contact: fwkn1504@mb.infoweb.ne.jp
Date: Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 03:25:48 (EST)
Comments: I love this site. I can not speak English very well.But I like America. I would like to make some American friend.

Visitor: Gary Johnson
Reference: Surfin' for stuff on Okinawa
Location: Burke, Virginia (originally from Arkansas)
Web Info:
Contact: garywj2@aol.com
Date: Thurs, Mar 02, 2000 at 16:08:41 (EST)
Comments: Served out at JSPC with the Air Force.(USAF Security Service..worked with NSG from the Navy and ASA from the Army) Got to OKI in about Mar '72 (a few weeks before reversion to Japan. Spent 15 months in Taiwan prior to that. Lived for a while about one klik or so out gate two from kadena in an apartment next to a place called the Koza Palace Kaikan (I think). Then moved to a neat little pad just off Kadena Circle. Caught some great sac hops to Thailand, Korea and Japan for touring. Loved Oki. Learned pretty good Japanese and spent some time with students from the University of the Ryukus in Naha. Spent a little too much time on BC street probably. Would like to go back for a visit someday. Enjoyed your page.....Thanks for the memories.....


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