Ken Godwin and his daughter, Dianne, went to D.C. in October, 2010 and here are some of their photos and Dianne's commentary.
Photos and commentary provided with permission from Ken and Dianne

Arlington National Cemetery...they average around 30 funerals there a hear salutes being fired...sadly alot!! Just as our four guys were following the Honor Guard down to the tomb for the wreath presentation, one of our guys stumbled on the first step and started to fall.
The Honor Guard didn't miss a beat...he reached over and grabbed him by the arm and said "I have you, sir" and held his elbow down to the tomb and back up the stairs after the presentation.....the new guard taking care of the old guard...passing of the torch.
Donovan Walters is my mother's cousin that didn't make it back from Viet Nam. He was a pilot and just before he was to come home, he was assigned just one more flight....the war ended within just a couple of months after that. He was MIA for several years but his family did finally receive "something" that allowed them to have a funeral.
The statue (I'm sure most of you know this) is dedicated to the nurses that were in Viet Nam....the sculptor is from Lubbock....Glenna Goodacre.