A Peek at the Military Side of My Tour on Okinawa

(I received this from Jon 5-6-98:
The ship on the left moored at NAVFAC WHITE BEACH is the amphibious command ship, USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC-19). The vessel is the flagship for Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet (COMSEVENTHFLT) & is homeported out of FLEACTS YOKOSUKA in mainland Japan.
I couldn't identify the other ship moored to the right of BLUE RIDGE, but it does look like one of ours, since JMSDF doesn't have any amphibious-capable ships in its inventory. My best guess (since I couldn't see the hull number) is that it could be USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-42), USS FORT McHENRY (LSD-43) or USS DUBUQUE (LPD-8). Since Marines need "Gator-Freighters" to deploy ashore, these are the obvious ships that are forward-deployed in Japan. These ships are part of Commander, Amphibious Squadron ELEVEN (COMPHIBRON ELEVEN) & are homeported at FLEACTS Sasebo.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Jon Yim
Thank you, Jon!!
USS Blue Ridge on the left

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