Nakagusuku Castle

Okay! So much for my own pics and attempts to explain...
Now, let's hear from an expert! I found this site 1-23-98 as a result of a simple web-search, only this time instead of using "Okinawa" as a search criterion, I used "Ryukyu+historical"
I'm flabberghasted by how much is out there on the web about Okinawa. For over a year, I've been searching using "Okinawa" as my focus.
Anyway... *tsk!* ... here ya go!! Check it out!!

Oh!! By the way... don't just stop after reading that first page! Below the end of the paragraph you'll see a couple of arrows on either side of the page. Click 'em! There are three pages loaded with good information about Nakagusuku and Gosamaru!

photo: Okinawa Times, Ltd.

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