Oak Roll-top Desk
This desk is a beautiful custom, hand-made piece, constructed for me by an Okinawan craftsman in the 1980s. Please see photos below for details, and thank you for looking!

Width = 62"
Depth = 29"
Height, desktop = 31"
Height, including hutch = 60"

As you can see, this desk is in immaculate condition. There are no breaks of the roll top.

Solid wood. No partical-board or other weird wood substitute.
For ease of transport, positioning and repositioning, it consists of 4 basic units: Two pedestals, the desk deck, and the hutch containing the roll-top.

This was constructed in the mid-1980s, before the laptop, so it is ready to accomodate a CPU, monitor, keyboard, etc.

The front center portion of the deck can be removed for easy access to the keyboard level. That's convenient if using a lap-top.

It can then be replaced for use as a regular desk top. There is a drawer on either side of the hutch.

Between those drawers, in the center top of the hutch is a pull-out overhead work light.

I have had no luck finding a replacement florescent tube in the U.S. The light fixture may need to be replaced if unable to locate an appropriate light tube.

The lower deck of the desktop pulls out giving the user more leg room and freedom to move about instead of sitting with your knees stuck in the tunnel.

There are well-placed notches, holes and apertures to accomodate cords and cables that need to run among the various levels of the work space.

Generous area for the printer/copier/scanner, and for printing supplies on the lower portion of the left pedestal. The door of the left pedestal locks.

The right pedestal has a locking file drawer (bottom), and two drawers above. All of the drawers and locking mechanisms work just fine and there are no broken drawers or frames.

At the top of each pedestal there is a handy pull-out cutting board type surface that greatly increases your workspace.

And, most magnificent of all... after all these years I still have the keys!! Very soon they can all be yours!

$600.00 or best offer received by September 15th. Contact me at mickmc@bresnan.net
Thank you again for looking.

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