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"PACHINKO is a pin ball game which has swept the nation since its introduction in Nagoya in 1949. Pa-chin-ko is a phonetic word describing the pressing of the lever - the release of the metal balls - and their run through abstacles. Today this is all automatic but the game has not lost its grip on young and old. There are even "professionals" earning their living with Pachinko."
I took this quote from Japan from "A to Z", by Herbert Feid.
Please check out his site for a lot of good information about Japan.

I heard a news report yesterday (2-5-98) stating that the City of Nagano has temporarily outlawed playing Pachinko in any of its 56 Pachinko Parlors. Seems that the city leaders are worried that the noise eminating from these establishments would cast unfavorable aspersions upon the city which will be hosting an international crowd during the Olympics!
Now, isn't that interesting!? *grin*

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