At Tsuboya kilns was found a strongly developed style and craftsmanship in pottery; the Okinawan modification of Korean ceramic techniques that wewre introduced to Okinawa in the very early 1600s. After coming to the attention of Tokyo's Japan Folk Art Museum a study group was sent to Okinawa to study their techniques. Thereafter a series of motion pictures, lectures and publications in other prefectures raised awareness and interest in Okinawa's unique culture. Running counter to Japan's nationalist program, designed to bring Okinawa into the Japanese culture, the people of the Ryukyu Islands were encouraged to never forget the unique qualities of their total cultural tradition.

In 1734 the tax imposed upon town-dwelling artisans was abolished, benefiting those who had been allowed and encouraged to become artisans. Outstanding artists and craftsmen of every class were awarded titles bearing privileges and stipends. [Source: Okinawa: the History of an Island People, Kerr, 1958]


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