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SHUREI-NO-MON: This means the "Gate of Eternal Courtesy."

The word "shurei" is Chinese and is often mistaken for "Shuri" and some Okinawans have even called the gate "Shuri-no-mon," incorrectly. The gate was first built by King Sho Sei in the early 16th century and it was the ceremonial entrance to the castle.

During the reign of King Sho Ei (1573-88) the officials of the Chinese Embassy had noticed the similarity of pronunciation of "Shuri" and "Shurei" and felt the Okinawans to be a very hospitable people. They presented Sho Ei with a large lacquered plaque, engraved with "Shurei-no-Kuni" (Land of Eternal Courtesy.)

The gate and placque have been destroyed and reconstructed - in 1945 and 1958.

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