The five small windows are now identifiable. The glass for those windows, by the way, are small glass shelves that I appropriated from a discarded surgical instrument cabinet at our clinic. In this photo I had already put on the roof and had started to rough in the ceilings. At the far end of the ceiling it is vaulted. That will be over the outside entrance to the room. I had framed the thing then realized that I didn't know how to build a roof! In that case my son, a contractor who builds homes for a living - and who knows what he's doing - graciously offered to do that part of the project for me. So, I have to give him credit for the design that included the vaulted ceiling. In the lower left of this photo you can see the beginning of my elevated floor that would be the actual tatami. It was quite a challenge when I got to cutting the paneling to accomodate those small windows on the north wall! But with time and patience I have to say it came out beautifully.
NOTE: My son now owns the company he started working for 6 years ago. Local construction company gets new president, owner

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