And this photo is a view facing to the northwest again after the project is complete. I tried to keep things reasonably rustic, much as many of the old Okinawan homes would have been - rough hewed lumber and simple utilitarian designs. The floor is done with cedar fence 1x6s. It worked out beautifully, I think. Tacked them down to the sub-floor then a couple of coats of polyurethane and even now, almost 9 years later, they still look great! If you look very carefully, under the table, on the far side, you can see that I crafted a well so that one can sit at the low table yet still be able to rest their feet down instead of cross-legged. The older we get the stiffer it seems when attempting to rise from a cross-legged posture! I think I have a better photo of that though and I'll put it in later on.

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