Yeah, I know... I bought too many dishes. A week or two before leaving Okinawa back in '90 I made a last-ditch shopping trip to the big warehouse-style market at Naha Port. I went a little overboard with buying dishes but I wanted to be sure I had enough of a variety and quantity to last a lifetime. I think I succeeded in that regard! I can't remember the name of the market but, I'll tell ya, there's almost nothing that couldn't be found there. From the obvious dishware to fresh produce, fish, groceries (including myriad Japanese candies and crackers) - you name it. There were even little stalls throughout the market where vendors prepared and sold all manner of "bento". I always managed to migrate to the yasai-soba stand! I also bought some of my bowls at the San-A, and at the Big Red 1 store out Kadena Gate 5 and to the right.

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