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I received a very brief but intriguing e-mail message from a gnetleman by the name of Moses E. "Moe" Willoughby.
He asked, very simply, if anyone knows about the Airman's Medal that was awarded after a B-52 crash at Kadena AB in 1968.

I thought this might be an interesting article and hope that anyone who knows him or of him, or who had anything to do with the crash may want to get in touch!

An interesting account of the crash is at [Tom Madracki's Website]

I have taken the liberty of including here a brief excerpt from the website:

"The Miracle That got the Crew Away From the Heat: Two airmen in a pick-up truck saw something moving in the inferno and with no protection drove through the ground fires to the men. They got all 6 crewmen into their truck and to the infirmary. The tail gunner was brought there also as soon as it was known that there were other survivors. For a short time, all 7 were back together."

So, is there anyone else out there with anything to contribute about the plane crash? Anyone who knows Sergeant Willoughby?


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