I guess this will be the last batch of pictures, I've saved the BEST for last.

I have such fond memories of Ada, the generous people and the simplicity of life. At the top the hill as you approach Ada from the south-west and view the valley, you have to know that it is special because of the pure beauty that unfolds. Our last small camp, the Annex, was on the ridge north of the village. Because of this we often visited with the village folks. As you drove down into the village, the school was on the left and just beyond that we crossed and drove through the river. At this point, we had a small outpost to secure the equipment that was left there. We dredged the river for gravel and frequently left it muddy for the people below who were washing clothes and vegetables. This always left me feeling guilty but the town folk never showed anger toward us. In fact, one old gentleman was a frequent observer as we worked to improve the road leading down the hill. He would just smile bow and say, "Jo-To, Jo-To." (editor's note: "Jo-to" means, loosely translated, "Good job!" or even more simply, "Okay." Mick)

As you continued toward the bay you came to the area of the small bridge and store, one of our favorite spots. Below that was the site of a new bridge being constructed by the Okinawans.

To set the piers they had a diver in an old diving suit digging beneath the water and two men pumping the air compressor. The crushed stone was being made by the man on the beach breaking the stones with a hammer on a big rock.

Using antique methods, they were getting the job done.

Then on to the bay where we made our landings. We also swam and fished there. And then, back to Camp Koza.

I would like to thank Mick for posting these pictures which forced me to recall so many meaningful memories.

And, I commend the U.S.M.C. for the opportunities afforded me in training, travel and discipline.

Lastly, for all the troupes, past and present, THANK YOU and may God watch over you.

Gene Wing [winger37@verizon.net]

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