I thought I would do some segments. This one is North By Road and starts at our Camp Koza base which was near Kadena Air Base.
I feel bad that the pictures are so washed out but they are 50 years old and were taken with an inexpensive Petri camera with no light meter.

The first equipment was taken north by boat as earlier mentioned and I wondered why they didn't just haul the bull dozers up by tractor-trailer.
After making several trips by road the answer was really clear. Not only were the roads impassable when wet but they very treacherous even when dry.

We did take some equipment by road but after an accident where one Marine was killed, the roads were abandoned. It was on a hair-pin turn that was so short that the trailer wasn't able to negotiate the turn. The wheels got off on the inside of the turn and it pulled the whole rig down a steep embankment.

The scenery along the coast was really striking with the terraced hills and the many beaches and bays. I thought the school girls were cute, the only one waving was the one that wasn't in uniform. She must be the rebel. As we got into the hills the paved roads disappeared and during this particular trip we hit rain. Fortunately, we were close to our camp and were able to bring bull dozers to pull the trucks up the hills.

During out time up north we would alternate weekends and go back to Koza for a weekend break.


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