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After turning off HW 58 - a left turn right next to a telephone booth and a small sign overhead that said "Yomitan" I'd make a couple more turns then be on a road that took me to a "Y" in the road. At the crotch of the Y was this little "papa-san shop." Usually you could find school kids hanging around.
Just to the left of the speed limit sign you see a bunch of political candidate posters. We used to see those all the time and we'd hear loud-speaker mini-trucks going through the villages with either "live" (with the candidate in the truck speaking) or recorded campaign messages. I guess the video I had of those were among those tapes that were "lost" when I shipped back to the States. I did manage to bring back 2 or 3 of those posters though. I have no idea who they are or what they were running for, but I got 'em!
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