Todoroki Falls - 2015

Mike Lynch, who lives in Kin Town, and I took off this day to explore Todoroki Falls. It turned out to be a very "dry" day at the Falls. Not much water coming over the rocks - unlike my visits in 1974 and in 1987.

So that you can get a sense of the falls I have added a couple of bonus clips at the end of this 2015 video.
1974 and '87 roaring falls!

UPDATE: Rob Oechsle provided me with current (2019) photos of the area - new bridge, landscaping, etc. He has graciously allowed me to include them in this feature and are displayed, with his commentary, following my last video below.
Domo Rob-san!

Let's start out at Yaka with a few views of the beach and surrounding area then drive to Kin.

Rob Oechsle has informed me (1-29-19) that "the natural river and rocks are all gone, as is the bridge. There is a new bridge there,
and the river has been straightened out, flat-bottomed, and largely de-rocked by the Nago Parks Department --- while turning the whole
area into an expanded park, with lots of grass, and safe for children to play in the tamed and toned-down river. Nature has been
subdued and conquered with the help of tons of concrete, along with tons of new boulders brought in from outside.
Also, all picturesque old trees were cut down and removed, the parking lot paved, and bathrooms installed. And they charge a fee to
look at the Falls. (They spent $3 Million Dollars on the facelift)."