2017 Okuma to Nakijin Village
Friday - March 3, 2017

DyLon got a head start on me today. He was up and gone to the Surfside before I even dragged myself out of bed. When I got to the restaurant he had been waiting long enough but finally succumbed to hunger and when I got there he was feasting on their great breakfast. I usually don't feel very hungry until I've been up for a few hours so I had a fruit cup and coffee. While we finished our breakfast we talked about what to do today. Nakijin seemed like a good choice so off we went!

As I watch this video I am reminded of how much I missed having DyLon along after he left the island March 9th. I enjoy hearing again our typically meaningless banter. The same sense of something's missing haunted the latter part of my 2015 trip too after Zac had left early.

So, we packed up our camera gear and other sundries for the day and hit the road.

Just for fun, at the bottom of this page are comparison photos of Highway 58 in March, 2017 and the same road, referred to back then as Highway 1, in the mid-1960s.

Encountering road construction is so commonplace on the island. The next segment takes us through the Ogimi area.

In the next segment we get to the turn west onto Route 110 to Yagaji Island, then onto 248 and eventually 505 terminating at an interesting roadside attraction in Nakijin Town.

I always get a kick out of the inane use of the English language that adorns tee-shirts.

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