2017 Hedo Misaki
March 2, 2017

March 2nd was a windy, blustery, rainy day - much like the day before but maybe a little moreso. Despite foul weather we agreed that Hedo Misaki was a gotta-do. So we took off after breakfast at Okuma's Surfside Restaurant.

Instead of mounting the SJCam directly onto the dashboard I put it on a small tripod and taped the tripod to the dash. It eliminated the problem of showing so much dash and hood of the car at the bottom of the video but what I didn't know was that the tripod itself was rattling. So, we'll just have to put up with the rattle today. I didn't notice it until that night when I reviewed our day's photo/video "catch". The next day I used my suction-cup windshield camera mount.

DyLon got some good video of the ominous East China Sea off the west coast of the island as we drove up to, and then after arriving at, Hedo.

This is a new sign since the last time I was up at Hedo Misaki.

I wonder if this represents the Yambaru Kuena. My opinion - doesn't look like it but I don't know.

Two guys slummin' is the best!

The rocks are adorned with these things. Some have adjacent depressions in the rock where people have tossed coins; kinda like a wishing well.

It sure doesn't get much prettier than this! The colors of the sea are spectacular.

There are some who haven't explored the terrain below the point. Beautiful plants and flowers, paths and shrines.

DyLon, feeling pretty happy being back on island and revisiting some of his old memories.

The paths through the rocks below the point are cool. There are numerous makeshift shrines and some are quite elaborate.

Step carefully! It's a long way down.

Hey, DyLon! I had to run a different soundtrack on your "highlights" videos that your phone generated. Seems that the Pirate Nazis at YouTube didn't like your original (copyright protected) music. I think the one I chose fit the subject matter pretty decently, eh?

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