2017 Okuma
February-March 2017

Okay... we made it to Okuma and the time we spent there was really nice. The weather though didn't lend itself much to outdoors activity. In that respect DyLon kinda got ripped off since he had been looking forward to swimming, snorkeling, etc. It was just cold and windy most of the time so we turned our attention to other things - like havin' a beer to celebrate! Yoji, the Surfside barkeep, was friendly and most helpful. I don't think that he got any photos of Yoji.

Despite foul weather we did venture out, usually in the early morning, to walk the beach before the wind and rain would resume later each day. This video depicts the North Beach in the early evening of March 1st.

Video: Mick McClary

Then the next morning, March 2nd, DyLon got some video of North Beach and our room - Azalea Suite Plus #5

Not to say that we didn't enjoy our stay though. Not at all. We just had a different kind of fun compared with what we had envisioned.

The place is also a great base of operations for bummin' around northern Okinawa Island - and that we did!

DyLon's "Highlights" of one of our days of stuff to do while at Okuma

Video: DyLon McClary

OKUMA in 2015 with Zac
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