The Embassy Suites, Vanderbilt

Arrival Morning (9-23-10)

Manager's Happy Hour & Dinner at the Omaha Steakhouse (9-23-10)

Spring Crafts Fair @ Nashville's Sentennial Park

Getting together for supper at DEMO's (9-24-10)

A Night at the Ryman Auditorium (9-24-10)
I wasn't supposed to be videotaping the show, so only got very short segments of each number; maybe less than one full measure.

Grayline Tour, Chapter 1

Grayline Tour, Chapter 2

Country Music Hall of Fame

Live Music of Country Hopefuls, starting at Legends Corner

More Live Country Hopefuls

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Supper at Bound'ry, then back to the Hotel

Lunch @ Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo (9-24-10)
and the Farewell Breakfast (9-26-10)
Boys Gone Wild in Nashville!

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