The vast majority of my videos are not inundated with a lot of chatter and narration. They are "home movies" with a major emphasis on Okinawa and not so much on family. I've been criticized for that but what I've edited INto these videos is almost entirely of general interest. The video is 1980s technology so you simply won't see anything near Hi-def. Nevertheless, it's Okinawa; some in the early-to-mid 1970s (with my trusty old Vivitar Super-8) and, mostly, the late 1980s. Those videos were taken with a JVC camera with the bulky "fanny pack" recorder and camera on a cable; and later with a Sony Handicam, 1986 or 87 vintage. So, if you're looking for state-of-the-art high definition audio/video then I can only say Move On. But if you want honest-to-goodness Okinawa from the last century then this is your place to be! Enjoy!


S.A. Mick McClary P.O. Box 6245, Great Falls, MT 59406