The following information and photos are from the RBC News Department, a page written in Japanese and I found no option for an English translation. I fed the Japanese text into a translation program and, taking some liberties with the result have gleaned the following. Although perhaps not accurate I think that I have captured the spirit and the essence of the text:


"70th anniversary of the cessation of combat on Okinawa. Okinawa has experienced progress in these 70 years and due to aging of the population of war survivors, important "inherited memory" is at risk of being lost. As the nation of Japan continues to undergo further progress it brings about important changes (manifestations). Along with such progress the government of Japan is accelerating legislation regarding the exercise of its right of collective self-defense.

"Together, the people of Okinawa, now 70 years after the war, must not lose sight of its wartime past but must also consider the future (use) of Okinawa's land."


"Photos taken on Okinawa, in the midst of battle, by Lt. Gen. Buckner, commander of the U.S. forces who fought the Japanese in the Battle of Okinawa. Numerous photos by Lt Gen Buckner depict traditional characteristics of Okinawa, such as the turtle-back tombs and local inhabitants.
Contact RBC News Department to provide any information that you may have about the grave and the people shown in the photos."

Please forgive me - and please DO correct me - if I have made any substantial errors. -Mick

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