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BC StreetChuo Park Avenue
Black Market AlleyHeiwa Dori
Buckner, Fort (USArmy)Camp Butler / Camp Foster (USMC)
Bldg. 1, Fort Buckner (HQ USARYIS, USARBCO, USAGO)HQ Marine Corps Bases Japan, Camp S.D. Butler
Camp Kuwae (US Army)Camp Lester (US Navy)
Camp Mercy (US Army)to Okinawan control
Jon Yim tells us that it was turned over after the hospital, schools and hobby shops were re-located to other bases
Camp Sukiran (US Army)Camp Foster (USMC)
Camp Zukeran (US Army)Camp Foster (USMC)
Fort Buckner (US Army)Camp Butler (USMC) sorta, or maybe not - (See footnote 1.)
FutemaFutenma (See footnote 2.)
Gate 2 StreetKuko Dori (Gate Street)
GushikawaUruma (See footnote 3.)
David Gasperetti tells me, "Across Hwy 58 from Camp Foster.
American Village is there now" [See Here]
Highway 1Highway 58
Highway 13Highway 329
IshikawaUruma (See footnote 3.)
Kadena CircleKadena Rotary
Katsuren TownUruma (See footnote 3.)
KozaOkinawa City
KueKuwae (now Camp Lester, USN)
KuwaeCamp Lester, USNavy
MachinatoMakiminato (Maki housing area was returned to Okinawa in 1980. [ref]) See Maps of the area
Machinato Service Area (MSA)Camp Kinser
Northern Training Area (NTA)Camp Gonsalves Jungle Warfare Training Center
Stilwell Fieldhouse, Camp ZukeranFoster Fieldhouse, Camp Foster
Takabanare shimaMiyagi shima
YonashiroUruma (See footnote 3.)


1. Fort Buckner
John Scruggs says:

I mentioned this on another page .... Camp Butler is not the new name for Fort Buckner. Buckner Still Exists within Foster ... at least it did a couple years ago. Notice on the MCCS Website .... no Camp Butler it is more virtual than real:
These guys inhabit Fort Buckner at this time:
I think is might be more proper to say that Zukeran/Sukiran were replace by Butler and Most of the old Fort Buckner is now Camp Foster. Although, that would be factually incorrect, also in the case of Zukeran/Sukiran to Butler.
Marine Corps Community Services :: Circulation & Distribution

Jon Yim says:

Fort Buckner is a small Army base located directly next to Camp Foster, and consists of the 58th Signal Battalion and E Co., 53rd Signal Battalion. Both are subordinate units of Camp Zama.

2. Futenma

Futenma Airfield was constructed by the US military following the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. It was built partly on the ruins of the villages of Aragusuku, Ginowan, Kiyuna and Isa, and entirely over the village of Kamiyama and surrounding farmland. According to Ginowan City records, the joint population of what was then Ginowan Village (now Ginowan City) was 12,994 in 1944.
It was initially allocated for Eighth Air Force use to station B-29 Superfortress strategic bombers in the planned Invasion of Japan. With the end of the war, the airfield became a United States Air Force Far East Air Force installation known as Futenma Air Base, and was used as a support airfield for the nearby Kadena Air Base, hosting fighter-interceptor squadrons as part of the air defense of the Ryukyu Islands. The base was transferred to the United States Navy on 30 June 1957 and was subsequently developed into a major United States Marine Corps air station.

3. Uruma
Donn Cuson submits:

On April 1, 2005 - the cities of Gushikawa and Ishikawa and the towns of Katsuren and Yonashiro (both from Nakagami District) merged to form the new city of Uruma. Prior to the merger, both Gushikawa and Ishikawa were forced to merge into one city because both cities were not making enough revenues for the prefecture.

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