Sunday, January 06, 2002 6:42 PM
i would like to have some info on the, jobs, houses, i want to move west and i dont have any info.cost of living and things like that .your site is great

Many guestbook entries (1998-2001) were lost.

Visitor: Kirsten Barrow
Reference: link from my dad's page
Location: Down the street
WebSite: the barrow family homepage
Web Info:
Date: Wed, Jan 21, 1998 at 21:50:44 (EST)
Comments: Come Visit us!
Hi there, neighbors!!
Thanks for checkin' in at Kinsey's webpage! Hope ya had fun!!
Oh! And, Kirsten... Happy Birthday!!

Visitor: Debs. Hollinger
Reference: Willie Hurley
Location: Oregon
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Jan 18, 1998 at 20:40:58 (EST)
Comments: No comment at this time.....
Hi there, Debs. Hollinger!!
Thank you very much for coming by to take a look at the pages!! The real payoff for the work that goes into them is when people stop by and take the time to "sign in!"
I'm happy you did and hope you'll be back soon! There's always something new happening at Mick's Big Sky!!
*raising a toast* To Oregon!! Enjoy the winter!! *chuckle*

Visitor: Wilma Hurley
Reference: Maria Lynette Curry
Location: Eugene, Oregon
WebSite: None
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Jan 18, 1998 at 19:10:04 (EST)
Comments: Your Home page is very well put together. I enjoy your music page. Some of my old favorites are on there. Thank you. Wilma Hurley ( Willie)
Hi ya, Willie!! *smilin'*
Thanks a bunch for coming by and checking out the pages!! I'm happy that you found something you like! There's always something new going on in one of my pages, so come around often to check up on me!! *grin*
I change the MIDI files in the "Annex" about once every three to four weeks, so come back!! And... my thanks to Maria too, for sending you my way!!
Hope Oregon's being good to ya this winter - we're enjoying another chinook "heat wave!"
Well... will see ya again!!!

Visitor: Teresa Smith
Reference: was hunting for you
Location: Exeter Ca.
WebSite: don't have one
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Jan 11, 1998 at 22:49:47 (EST)
Comments: Lost my music on my email letters so was just looking for some more ran across this sure am glad.Teresa
Hi ya, Teresa!!!
Hey!! Thanks loads for coming in to the pages!! I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, I can help ya look for it! *smilin'*
Just lemme know, K?

Visitor: Dena
Reference: surfing on the net
Location: Houston, Tx
WebSite: LeMarie's Profile Page
Web Info: A mixture of music, mickey mouse and more.
Date: Sun, Jan 11, 1998 at 11:36:47 (EST)
Comments: I like you page. Come and visit mine.
HOUSTON!! We have a problem!!*grin* Problem is, I ran out of your pages to look at and listen to!! Very nice job you've done here!! *smilin' bigly* Keep it up! Well, thank you kindly for coming by my pages and for signing in too!...
...Wish I was in Houston now!! We expect a HIGH of 7 below zero today!! *whine* Good luck and I hope health and happiness to you and your family in '98!! Mick

Visitor: Essence
Reference: was looking to come home
Location: Colorado
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Jan 10, 1998 at 04:40:00 (EST)
Comments: You are always working on something I suppose......this is great, but I liked your old one better....I knew my way around there.....*HUGS* ...*sigh*
(I couldn't e-mail this, since she left no addy.. I hope she'll see it here)
Hi, Essa!! {{{hug}}} Soooo happy that you came by again!! Darlin', you can still see the "Old" Mick's Big Sky". Now, I didn't say "Old Mick.." *grinnin'* Thanks again for coming by!!

Visitor: John Tarrance
Reference: Web Ferret search
Location: Earlville, IL
WebSite: Tarrance Family Home Page
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Jan 10, 1998 at 04:38:48 (EST)
Comments: Nice site keep up the good work.
Thanks, John!! I appreciate your having come by the pages! I'll be checkin' out The Tarrance Family Home Page too!
See ya!!

Visitor: Dave McLaughlin
Reference: You told me
Location: Great Falls
WebSite: Dave's Great Outdoors
Web Info: Outdoors, Hunting, etc...
Date: Mon, Jan 05, 1998 at 14:37:50 (EST)
Comments: Hi Mick, Thought I would drop you a line or two. Your page is looking great (I love the change) *grin* got that from you. You've turned me into an HTML addict, Dianne is gonna get you one of these days. See ya at the J.O.B.
Aw, Dave... now don't you go siccin' Dianne on me!! I'm glad ya finally got a guestbook on your page!! I've been waiting for it!
Ya know, you're a really quick study!! Before long I'll be reading your doc source to learn some new tricks from you!! *grinnin'*
Yup... see ya at the Place!! *tsk!*

Visitor: Steven Anderson
Reference: From your drugs
Location: Malmstrom
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Jan 01, 1998 at 23:05:12 (EST)
Comments: I haven't viewed your whole site yet, but I will as soon as I finish typing here. Ha! Ha!
Jeeeeeze, Steve!! *handshake* 'bout time you showed up here!! *grinnin'*
Hope you enjoy your tour and... hey don't they pay people to do the typin' down there in the surgery dept?? *lol*
Later, dude!

Visitor: Sandra K. Ballard
Reference: PowWow
Location: Born in Conrad, Mt - Lived in Great Falls much of my life - Now in Springfield, Oregon
WebSite: Don't have a personal one - Business http:\
Web Info: This business is owned by my son - I work there as a systems designer & Corporate Salesmom
Date: Thurs, Jan 01, 1998 at 01:47:16 (EST)
Comments: I really, I mean REALLY, enjoyed your homepage - Love the Crescendo - Spent a month + in MT this past summer visiting friends & relatives. Had a wonderful visit w/my brother in Kalispell, took LOTS of pictures - BigSky sunsets are wonderful!!! Your homepage made me homesick again and it got a bit damp here for a few minutes. WOW!! Truly would love to be back there to stay and think I will within the next year. I miss the roar of the jets and MUCH MUCH more about MT. Would love to get email - Or better yet set up a PowWow with you and yours....You have some wonderful stuff going. I am impressed!!!
Darn!! You were here a whole month-plus and you didn't tell me??? *chuckle*
Well, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the state of Montana and do hope you'll come back.. and bring lotsa friends, spend lots of money in the state and drive "reasonable and prudent!" We DO take a ribbin' for having no daytime posted speed limit! *Tsk!*
I hope to see you on Pow too!! I don't get on much, but when I do, it's fun to have friends!
I have a good friend in Conrad... maybe you know him... Mike Hewett *??*
Happy New Year!!!

Visitor: Becky Brown
Reference: found your page on powwow white pages
Location: Killeen, Texas
WebSite: don't have one
Web Info:
Date: Tuesday, Dec 30, 1997 at 20:03:11 (EST)
Comments: I have never been to a homepage with so much information and I have visited alot. You have a home page with any information that anyone would ever need or want. very interesting page thanks Becky
Well, BECKY!! *smilin'* Thanks a ton for coming by and I sincerely appreciate your kind comments. I must admit though... I don't have everything a body could be looking for!! For example... nothing about "cheese!"
Happy New Year, Becky and please do come around again!

Visitor: Cheryl
Reference: thru powwow
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 15:33:01 (EST)
Comments: You have one of the most fascinating home pages I have seen!!
Hi, Cheryl!
Thanks loads for coming through and taking a look at the pages!! Hope you had a good time!!
Merry Christmas!!

Visitor: Joseph & Kristine Madera
Reference: from your URL
Location: Hacienda Heights, CA
Web Info:
Contact: (Life time addr)
Date: Sat, Dec 20, 1997 at 01:03:16 (EST)
Comments: Wow, your home page is something else. Been on it several hours. It keeps getting better and better. Since I move around a lot I signed up for a life time address with Bigfoot and my e-mail will always be forwarded as long as I keep them updated. Temporary e-mail until Apr 2, 1998 is Thanks for a lot of information and fun. Peace, Love and Light ---- Joseph Madera

Visitor: Carl & Barbara Suhr
Reference: Browsing
Location: Chehalis , Wa. 98532
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Dec 06, 1997 at 23:14:00 (EST)
Comments: We would love to move to Gr. Falls , but we have to sell ours first , i guess you know how that goes . Montana is GODS country , and that's all there is to it, we love it . Our daughter lives in gr. Falls . Thanks for this opportunity to speak my piece. Carl & barb Suhr

Visitor: Tom Ward
Reference: Exploring
Location: Punta Gorda, Fl 33950
WebSite: none
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Nov 22, 1997 at 06:45:00 (EST)
Comments: Pedal Steel Guitar Player and country music maniac!

Visitor: Joan
Reference: Searching Country Music MIDIs
Location: Washington, D.C.
WebSite: Don't have any of that (at home) but soon will
Web Info:
Date: Mon, Nov 17, 1997 at 16:51:28 (EST)
Comments: Thanks for the wonderful Country Music MIDIs. I'll be back! I was looking for Hank Williams, Jr. Family Tradition with a real country sound. Take care!

Visitor: Rainy
Reference: I was in GP and you were there Carrying your HP!
Location: Washington State
WebSite: About Me... (I think)
Web Info: Just STUFF
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 at 13:30:12 (EST)
Comments: Hey Mick! Thanks for sharing your pages with everyone! Alot of good information. I believe the first time I looked at your page I went into the loop of the Physician Assistants pages. I came Back because My friend Brian told me that you were a foster parent... I was telling him that Hmmmm Gotta go back and re read his pages... and see what you had to say AGAIN... Hey The place that I work for is In NEED of Foster Parents... and was wondering if you and your family would be moving to Washington State any time soon??? *G* You Know in the Neighborhood of Everett Washington... *G*... So far I have looked at your Links and the PA information links you have. I dont think there's a way to see it all in one visit! So will keep coming back ... so that Maybe I can Look at it all! Take good Care...

Visitor: Puttz
Reference: Just surfed on in
Location: Pennsylvania
WebSite: Puttz's Place
Web Info:
Date: Mon, Oct 13, 1997 at 12:08:19 (EDT)
Comments: Great page!!!!! I'm impressed!!

Visitor: Joseph & Kristine Madera
Reference: MY Page you gave me the URL
Location: Great Falls, MT
Web Info:
Contact: until 20 Oct 97
Date: Sun, Oct 12, 1997 at 14:35:42 (EDT)
Comments: Hi, We will be leaving Great Falls, Oct 20,1997 to store our stuff at Kristine's Mother home in California. We will wait for our Peace Corps assignment from there. NEW ADDRESS: Josep & Kristine Madera [removed] Canelones Dr. Hacienda Hts, CA 91745 (626) xxx-xxxx. Looked at too many sites from your home page to list. Take Care, Thanks again for all of your help since we came to Great Falls in Oct 1995.

Visitor: Angelfire
Reference: Surfin Around
Location: Upper Michigan
WebSite: *soon to be* Angelfire's Cloud
Web Info:
Date: Fri, Oct 10, 1997 at 17:09:41 (EDT)
Comments: Hi! Your website is 'something else'!! I have tried to get all that is of interest but have bookmarked it and will come back after supper...*S*...Thanks for sharing and allowing me to come for a visit. *sprinkling angeldust on your keyboard*

Many early comments about "Mick's Big Sky" came as a result of the many MIDI files that I once had stockpiled. Those have since been removed from my sites.

Visitor: Blake Smith
Reference: Surfed on in
Location: North Bay, Ontario Canada
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Oct 05, 1997 at 18:57:35 (EDT)
Comments: I think this is great, My brother and his son are both singers and I will be able to help them with lyrics to some songs that they don't know. Keep up the good work.

Visitor: Chris
Reference: Webcrawler Search
Location: Norfolk, VA
WebSite: I dont know!
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Oct 02, 1997 at 01:20:52 (EDT)
Comments: Great Songs!

Visitor: Doreen
Reference: A friend showed me the way
Location: Tucson
WebSite: Ladydoe's Domain
Web Info:
Contact: Doreen100@AOL.COM
Date: Sat, Sep 27, 1997 at 13:39:33 (EDT)
Comments: What a wonderful web site. Thank you so much for compiling so much information.

Visitor: steve carver
Reference: webcrawler
Location: wilmington
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Sep 25, 1997 at 23:44:00 (EDT)
Comments: I like your page My wife and I had fun hearing your midi files they are clear . GREAT PAGE I'll save it

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