Visitor: Rainy
Reference: I was in GP and you were there Carrying your HP!
Location: Washington State
WebSite: About Me... (I think)
Web Info: Just STUFF
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 at 13:30:12 (EST)
Comments: Hey Mick! Thanks for sharing your pages with everyone! Alot of good information. I believe the first time I looked at your page I went into the loop of the Physician Assistants pages. I came Back because My friend Brian told me that you were a foster parent... I was telling him that Hmmmm Gotta go back and re read his pages... and see what you had to say AGAIN... Hey The place that I work for is In NEED of Foster Parents... and was wondering if you and your family would be moving to Washington State any time soon??? *G* You Know in the Neighborhood of Everett Washington... *G*... So far I have looked at your Links and the PA information links you have. I dont think there's a way to see it all in one visit! So will keep coming back ... so that Maybe I can Look at it all! Take good Care...

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