Yomitan Hana-ori Cooperative
Traditional Weaving Center

This place is a must if you really want to take in all of the art and attractions on the Yomitan Peninsula.
I saw it listed on a Yomitan tour guide map that I picked up at the Kina Banjo so, of course, I needed to explore it!

Bear to the left on Rte 12, past the signs pointing to Zakimi-jo

Turn left at the overhead sign indicating the Traditional Weaving Center
(Those first 4 pics are from Google map/Google Street View)

It's too bad that photography and videography is prohibited. What I can show you here is the outside of the building and some of the items that I purchased at the cooperative.
The place is a showroom of sorts, exhibiting the fine handicraft that is done here. If you hit it at the right time (I apparently wasn't there at the right time both times I went) you can watch the artisans working at their looms.

It was kinda funny the first time I went. When you enter the building you are asked to remove your shoes - not a surprise. The shoe bins/shelves are conveniently located and they have a variety of plastic slippers that you can wear inside the facility. I took off my size-12s and placed them out of the way and entered the floor wearing my socks. Another visitor, I think he was from Taiwan, tapped me on the shoulder and politely handed me a pair of the plastic slippers. The women who are employed there nodded their agreement suggesting that I should wear them. Oh, how small they were! And I trust tht the thoughtful tourist had selected forme the largest that he could find. Well, not wanting to offend anyone I stuck my feet part-way into them and proceeded to admire the woven goods on display. After about 2-3 minutes I found that each step was becoming more painful so I removed them and carried them the rest of the way through the exhibition hall. The tourist's female companion said something to him that I'm pretty sure would translate into something like, "See? I T-O-L-D you he couldn't wear those!"

Well, then, let's take a look at the place...

A stunning exterior design and pleasant well-groomed gardens

I purchased a couple of place mats and a set of coasters for my tatami house.

Just look at that painstaking detail and fine intricate work!

Knowing very well that whatever I bought would have to be carried back in my luggage I was determined to keep my gifts small. It was in this place that I accomplished much of that mission! As it turned out, despite my best intent I had to buy yet another suitcase and paid exhorbitantly to have my "excess baggage" follow me through my Japan Air Lines and American Airlines flights. Akisamiyo! I paid for more than a few pounds of jet fuel!

She chuckled with amusement when I sniffed these little "sachet" bags. That's not what they are. She explained that they are good luck amulets. Okay. Once again though I beseech you... LOOK at the intricate detail and fine work involved in making just one of those little beggars. There are no machines cranking these out. They're all hand-made. Amazing.

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