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USNS Gen. A.W. Brewster

The USNS General A. W. Brewster
photo submitted by Joe Menno (Jan 12, 08)
All right Joe! That is the ship I sailed to Okie in Nov. '51. I was trying to send the picture I have of it but could not get a good clear shot of it. Thanks
Frank Iava, Jan 12, 08
According to my brother's "Sea & Air Travel-Embarkation Slips" he boarded the USNS Gen. A. W. Brewster,on Aug. 15, 1952 and headed for Inchon, Korea. They arrived Sept. 2, 1952. Do you know if that is true?
Would you know if there was a roster of the Marines that sailed for Korea that day? If so I would be very interested. My brother was listed as MIA on Oct. 7, 1952 and presumed dead a year later. I am trying to piece together his story for all the youngsters in the family who never knew him.
Also, I was just a kid when it happened and am trying to find out what happened to him so that I can have some closure. If you have any information please email it to and title it Korea because I usually spam all emails from unknown senders.
Thank you very much.
Mary Ann [Nov 2, 2009]
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