Konkokyo Project

*** Don't freak when, from time to time, the video stops. I paused it a few times while re-recording it ***

On this date a team of American volunteers joined with the Japanese and Okinawans to search a specified area for artifacts from the Battle of Okinawa. Every year a team comes from the mainland to Okinawa for the purpose of recovering artifacts, human remains fragments, and anything else that is associated with the battle. Les Ashe organized us and spearheaded the effort for American participation.

The officials prohibited photography and videography of the actual search activities. What I wouldn't have given to have a GoPro that day! What IS shown in this video though is the preliminary assembly of volunteers, appropriate invocation, and distribution of gear. The film then cuts to late afternoon after we had completed a full day of work. As you'll see, many items were recovered, bagged and tagged. All artifacts were returned to mainland Japan whereupon they were inventoried, cataloged, and stored. My understanding is that whenever an item is identifiable to a specific soldier the surviving family takes possession.

You will also see a former Japanese soldier who participated in the "dig" while wearing his old battle uniform.

This was a tremendously rewarding experience. My only regret is that I have no photos or video of our day's work. The more immediate regret that day was that I had brought along MREs for my sons, DyLon and Zac, and me.

I'm happy to see that this video contains some shots of my old baby-poop green/brown Toyota Town Ace! I wish I had taken a couple of photos of that van. Loved it!

Collection of the Remains in Okinawa

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