Near the Miebashi Station, there is a craggy hill that is the site of a ghost story. The hill is called Nanachi-baka (seven tombs) for the seven tombs that stood nearby.

Long ago, a woman sometimes appeared to buy candy at a store near the hill. However, each time the money she used to pay for the candy would turn into paper the next morning. One day the curious storekeeper followed the woman. He saw her walk into a tomb. When the storekeeper peeked inside he found a baby lying next to its dead mother, sucking on candy.

The road between Miebashi and Sogenji Bridge was called Jikkwanji-nu-me (before the 10-kan rock). Legend has it that a man forgot a 10-kan coin on a rock. When he came back 5 or 6 years later he found the coin exactly where he had left it. The rock came to be called Jikkwanji (10-kan rock). It is said that Jikkwanji was part of the Nanachi-baka hill.

In the logs of a Chinese investiture envoy, the craggy hill is referred to as the Shichiseizan (seven star hill).

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S.A. Mick McClary