School Days in Quonset Huts 1960s

The building to the right is the cafeteria. On the left are a few of the huts that were used for the school.

Erica Fago Smith told me in October, 2013, "Mick, this would be the location of Kubasaki 9: Kuba, Nakagami-gun, Nakagusuku-son, Okinawa 901-2401. It faced the ocean with a road in front and then a seawall. On the right side of K-9 was Pacific Middle School. Kubasaki Nine Cadet was the yearbook. The elevated building on the right of photo was for lunch. Upon reversion, this was one of the first areas to be given back to the Okinawan people (individual owners). All that really remains is the hill behind the school and the rest is mostly residential."

Donn Cuson provided an aerial view of this school.
He also provided a link to the Okinawa Schools Yearbook Main Menu.

John Scruggs says, "This is the original location of the school now known as Kubasaki High School. From 1952 to 1957 Okinawa American High School and (in 1954 the name was changed) Kubasaki American High School resided in this spot. Sometime in the Mid 60s (probably 64 or 65 Kubasaki Junior High School moved back to this location and in no later than 1967 it split into Pacific Middle / Kubasaki 9th grade campuses."
He went on to say, "Kubasaki 9 moved to Kishaba in 1974 and Pacific middle was closed in '80 or '81 and the site was turned over to the Okinawans in the mid to late 80s."
John was kind and provided another interesting link for those interested in learning more about KHS' history! Photos and Information on the Camp Kubasaki Campus

Thanks, Donn, Erica and John!

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