This video is a little more down-to-Earth than the scenes we typically see of Obon Season celebrations. I set out to record our small village's activities and more of the behind-the-scenes and peripheral activities of the local residents.
This video begins in the community center of the aza-Oki neighborhood of Yomitan Village where we lived. A lot of work went into preparation for the evening's celebrations.

Around 6:06 it's two days later, September 8th. I walked around our neighborhood and recorded activities of O-bon and Bon Odori in the afternoon and well into the night. As the sun sets the video quality is markedly diminished but the festivities are still a treat for your ears.

At around the 10:00 15:00 marks they are at a newly constructed houses where they bestow good wishes and pray for good fortune for the occupants.

Around 28:00 I introduced myself to one of the neighbors and, yes, I know now that I was grammatically incorrect. It was only 1987 and I have learned a lot since then. Wha'd'yagonnado?

Shortly after that my daughter, Brittney, and foster daughter, Marianne, make a few appearances. As the evening wore on they ended up in kimonos - and I can't remember who provided those. But they fit right in with the rest of the gang after that!

S.A. Mick McClary - Great Falls, MT