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Visitor: Donna (Woodall) Kroff
Reference: lots of luck!!
Location: West Jordan, Utah
Web Info:
Date: Wed, May 27, 1998 at 11:46:26 (EDT)
Comments: I was born in Okinawa at Camp Kuwae army hospital in 1969 (My dad, Woody Woodall was in the Air Force). I only stayed 6 mos, but have always been fascinated by anything about my birthplace. I loved to see the pictures and read about Okinawa from someone who obviously loves it!! Thanks!
Hi, Donna!!
Sure took me long enough to get back to you, huh?? *blush* I'm sorry!!
My two sons, ages 25 and 23 were both born also at Camp Kuwae! The Army doesn't have the hospital anymore though. It's now the US Naval Hospital Okinawa and Camp Kuwae was changed to Camp Lester. Dang!! Things do change, eh? *grin*
I'm glad you came by to take a look at my pages about Okinawa and sincerely hope that you enjoyed the "tour!" I also sincerely hope that you'll be back.... and bring your friends!!!
I didn't get to Okinawa (my first time) until 1972 so I must have missed you and your dad!! What kind of work did he do? I was at the clinic at Kadena until 1975 when I and another medic went down to run the small clinic at Naha. There are no longer any American military at Naha and the old Naha housing area is gone. The Army housing at Machinato (Makiminato) is also gone - turned back over to the Okinawan farmers who owned the land. It's sad to see the old "haunts" going away but I'm very happy for the Okinawans who do get to have their land back. I think we (American military) ought to get rid of a lot more of our "holdings" there and let them have their lands back! Again, thanks for coming by, Donna!!

Visitor: Michael E. Mayer
Reference: Search on Kadena
Location: Fremont CA
WebSite: N/A
Web Info:
Date: Wed, May 27, 1998 at 01:02:50 (EDT)
Comments: Just had a chance to review the military page and looks like you have put quite a bit of time into this. I was on Kadena/Torii Station from 77-81. I was with the 6990th ESG which supplied the backenders for the RC-135s. Cannot wait to check out your diving page. That was the best diving ever. I got into serious sea shell collecting while I was there. Also earned my degree from UMD and my ninor was Asian Studies so it will be fun to go through your other pages on Okinawain history and culture.
Hi, Michael!!
Please forgive me for taking so long to reply! I'm happy ya stopped by one of my websites and hope you'll come back from time to time as I expand and update.
I'm intrigued by your Asian studies and invite... no, I plead with you to get back to me if you spot any historical or factual errors. And, of course, I'm ALWAYS looking for additional information - so anyhting you'd like to offer, please do. Be assured, I'll post credit to you for any information or photos that you might see fit to offer!
Thanks, again, Michael for taking the time to peruse the pages and to drop me a note!!
*hearty handshake*

Visitor: Mr. David R. Chipps
Reference: Pow-Wow link
Location: Milford, Michigan USA
Web Info:
Date: Mon, May 25, 1998 at 14:33:18 (EDT)
Comments: Hi Mick,
I did a tour of duty on Okinawa in 1964 and 65. I was in the Army then, and was stationed in Machinato which was between Naha Airbase and Kadena Airbase, near Sukiran. I was a missile repairman, but because I was the only licensed amateur radio operator in my company, I was allowed to run the ham radio station in our company headquarters and I ran overseas phone-patch traffic for any and all military personel. I loved the weather there, typhoons and all. I am retired from the Ford Motor Company where I was an industrial electrician for 31 years. I retired 7 years ago. I have 2 web sites up right now, one for my family and one for my local amateur radio club. I really like your web pages, very entertaining. Drop me a line and tell me about your Okinawa duty, who knows, we might become pen-pals....:-) By the way, I am 58 years old and am happily married to Patricia and I have 3 grown children.
Bye for now, Dave ps; my homepage url is
Hi, Dave!!
Hey, dude!! Thanks loads for writing and for stopping by the Okinawa website!!
I used to live at Machinato (Makiminato) Army housing back in 1975! I was in the AirForce then and was stationed at Kadena. I've bookmarked your page and will check it out soon!
Your first link though.... didn't work!
Write again, Dave.. and stop by the Okinawa Scrapbook - and send a friend!! *grin*

Visitor: jennifer
Reference: browsing
Location: Toronto, Canada
Web Info:
Date: Fri, May 08, 1998 at 21:39:38 (EDT)
Comments: No comment at this time.....

Web Info:
Date: Sat, May 02, 1998 at 23:21:00 (EDT)
Comments: No comment at this time.....

Reference: just browsing
Location: san antonio tx
Web Info:
Date: Mon, Apr 27, 1998 at 01:36:54 (EDT)
Comments: Your page or pages are the most interesting I have ever seen on Okinawa. I thank you for bring back fond memories. My first trip there was just after WWII, and I was a private, US Army.

Visitor: Valerie A. Niemela
Reference: By way of looking for a place I'd been
Location: Oklahoma city
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Apr 25, 1998 at 10:29:51 (EDT)
Comments: I was station at Kadena AFB from 86-90. It was wonderful to see the sights again. Thankyou.
Hi, Valerie!!!
So, we were on island at the same time!! My second tour there was from 1986 to October of 1990! Where did you work, live and play?
Hey, thank you for checking out the Okinawa web site and for taking time to "sign in!"
Have a great, safe and fun summer!!!

From: Valerie Niemela[]
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 1998 10:54 AM
Subject: The Rock
Thank you again for the get web site. I was a spit sucker at Kadena's dental clinic. I was Dr (HB) Smith assistant for most of my tour. I really loved it over their. I lived off base my whole tour. Gushikawa City. I can't forget those beaches.
What I'd give for some of the great food over their. Its just not the same here.
I'm now living in Oklahoma City. Its okay.. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures. It brought back alot of fun memories. Thanks again.
Hi again!!
I could be way wrong but your name rings a familiar bell. I didn't get to know many of the dental folks but Dr. Barry McDonald was my next door neighbor (actually downstairs neighbor in Aza-oki Yomitan-son) and we got to know Dr. Mark and Linda Giesel quite well.
I was "P.A. McClary" across the street at the Primary Care Clinic. If you were ever over there you might remember that one of my exam rooms was called "The Montana Room" and I had a "mini-museum" of Montana stuff in there. Rubbed elbows a lot with dental folks during Medical Red Flag.
Oh well... maybe it's just my "old man" memory waning! Nice to hear from you again, Valerie!
Oklahoma City isn't too bad!! I lived in Midwest City a long time ago. Dad was stationed at Tinker.

Visitor: Eduardo Arakaki
Location: BRAZIL
WebSite: J-POP-BR
Web Info:
Date: Tuesday, Apr 21, 1998 at 16:19:30 (EDT)
Comments: Wow... excellent job.. !!!! Congratulations!!!!
Wow!! Thanks for such a great compliment!!
Comments such as yours makes it all worth while! *smilin'* I hope you'll come back again - and bring your pals!!

Visitor: Richard and Philomena Farrell (Aunt Dolly and Uncle Dick)
Reference: Followed the url on your post to Lisa
Location: Amsterdam, NY
Web Info:
Date: Mon, Apr 20, 1998 at 22:33:24 (EDT)
Comments: Mick, We are extraordinarily Impressed and proud at what we see you have accomplished! What a beautiful family you and your wife have. God willing, we will get to know each and every one. Love, hugs and kisses.
Hi!!! *smilin'*
Hey! Thanks loads for stopping in and checkin' out my site!! And thanks even more for taking time to sign in!
A LOT has been happening since Sunday and I've been racing through one thought after another trying to decide how to synthesize all of this! I think I've decided to stop trying to rationalize and analyze all of it and just let stuff happen!
So, let's - for CERTAIN - stay in contact! Lisa has been most generous in her writing and I enjoy the heck out of her already!! She said I used to walk her to school! *giggle* when she was in kindergarten. Even though I don't remember, I trust my instincts! She must be wonderful!!! :-)
Well.... let's keep in touch, eh?

Visitor: night R.N. Wendy
Reference: given it from Mick at 30 something
Location: Ohio
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Apr 19, 1998 at 15:55:58 (EDT)
Comments: wow, Mick, i told you i would look at it at some time...i am so impressed..i just spent 2 hrs and didn't touch a lot of it...i am new at computors and have no idea how you did this...must have been a lot of work...i did learn a lot...i feel so cheated...i have spent my whole life in the same city and probably will the rest of my life...I plan to come back and read some more...Thank you for showing me part of the world I wouldn't have seen without this

Visitor: Pamela Mahoney
Reference: search
Location: Oceanside Calif
Web Info: n/a
Date: Fri, Apr 10, 1998 at 18:57:26 (EDT)
Comments: I want to know more, I want to go there . Tell me about hotels and I want to find all the hot spots to party.

Visitor: Jon Yim
Reference: poof!!! I just kinda showed up!!!
Location: San Diego, CA
WebSite: Jon's Page O' Kewlness In San Diego
Web Info: Jon's kewl life on & off the Internet!
Date: Sun, Apr 05, 1998 at 05:46:55 (EDT)
Comments: Mick! Nice page!! I was an Army brat myself, my family was on-island from 1972-75. My dad (a retired Army MSC colonel) was XO of the Army Medical Materiel Agency operations at old Machinato Service Area (MSA -- now Cp. Kinser). We lived in Rycom Plaza, near the FEN studios. I attended & graduated from Kubasaki HS in 1975. I also worked at FEN as a work-study & as a member of the station's Explorer Post. Returned to the island in 1982 as a Navy Journalist assigned to FEN (talk about returning to the scene of the accident) after my previous tour at FEN-Tokyo (1979-82). It was a blast to work at home again until my PCS to Pearl Harbor in 1984!!
Retired as an E6 in 1993 (peace is hell); currently work in production operations at KUSI-TV, an independent news station. Just as a suggestion, ya oughta put the URLs to the Kubasaki & Kadena HS official websites & alumni homepages. Onward & upward!! Jon

Visitor: Misae
Location: Okinawa, currently in Louisiana
WebSite: Misae`s Homepage
Web Info: Okinawa, My Family, and Louisiana
Date: Wed, Apr 01, 1998 at 23:45:22 (EST)
Comments: Hi, Mick san. Ogenki desuka? I really enjoy looking thru your webpage. I like that new photos you added. I just want to let you know that I added some photos to my homepage. Please stop by and visit my homepage when you have time. Take Care. Matane!! Misae

Visitor: Ricky Stevenson Sr
Reference: just a random pick on a search
Location: AR
WebSite: outdoor fun with the stvnsns
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Mar 19, 1998 at 18:37:23 (EST)
Comments: I enjoyed you page I have a son headed for Marines in Aug. hope he ends up in some neet place to explore like Japan. He has friend stationed there now. Thanxs for sharing your photos
Thanks for coming by! *hearty handshake*
I've visited your site and you make that river look like a lotta fun! Nice website! Thanks for the tour!!

Visitor: Carrie Graf
Reference: Looking for info
Location: Tampa, Florida
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Mar 15, 1998 at 23:30:38 (EST)
Comments: A friend of mine in the Marines has been stationed at Camp Hansen and I wanted to see what he is in for when he gets there!! Thank you for the information.
Hellooooooo, Carrie!!
Glad ya stopped by to tour the site!!
I hope your friend has a good time while he's at Hansen and I'm happy that I was able to give you just a glimpse of the island wonderland where he'll be!
Come around from time to time, Carrie - there's always something new!

Visitor: Rich Pearce
Reference: Naomi's Okinawa Connection
Location: Summerfield , FL
Web Info:
Date: Sun, Mar 15, 1998 at 21:02:50 (EST)
Comments: Absolutely fanatastic site! Really captured a lot of what Okinawa is about and why I have good memories of the island. Excellent background music, photos , comments, just great! Sorry I can't be critical and help you improve...Simply Outstanding,,,,Semper Fi!
What can I say but, "Thanks!"?
Whenever I receive comments such as yours, Rich, it makes me wanna keep adding more to the website! It's fun to do when I know the work is appreciated!! So, you've encouraged me to do more!!! Arrgghhhhh!!!!!! HehHehHeh!!!
Thanks again for coming by and I hope you'll be back!

Visitor: Nicole
Reference: Entirely accidentally
Location: Philadelphia, PA
WebSite: The Drinkme Webapge
Web Info: I's just about me!
Date: Mon, Mar 09, 1998 at 03:29:30 (EST)
Comments: Wow! What a humongous and fab site! And it's so pretty!
Hi ya, Nicole!!
I'm glad ya stopped by!! I've been holding that red mitten for you for years now!! *chuckle* And about those sheep.... did you know that the sheep in Montana are always getting lost and asking directions!!!?
Okay, okay... seriously... thanks for spending some time at my end of the web and I DO hope you'll come back!
I enjoyed cruisin' your site too!! *smilin'*

Visitor: Jackie Mulcahy
Reference: stumbled across it:)
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Feb 26, 1998 at 17:57:19 (EST)
Comments: I lived in Okinawa from 1990-1995. I graduated from Kadena High School in 1995 and currently attend the University of Florida. I'm majoring in elementary education and hope to become a DoDDs teacher in the future. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.
Hi, Jackie!!
I think I might have already acknowledged your entry in my guestbook, but am not sure. It's been B-U-S-Y around here lately and I got way behind in my e-mail!
Anyway, I envy your potential to be returning to Okinawa as a DoDDS teacher!! You got there the year I left. I finished up a four year and few months tour and left the island in October of 1990. I'd love to go back and SOMEDAY will get back!
I wish you the best. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll be back. I've made a few additions even since you signed in!!
See ya!!

Visitor: attchan
Web Info:
Date: Tuesday, Feb 24, 1998 at 17:17:37 (EST)
Comments: thanks for linking my page so soon! I really appreciate that. Misae told me that she enjoyed your pages too. ja matane, Good day! ( ^0^)
Hi, Attchan!!
As always, it's nice to see you back again!! Give my best to Misae next time you "see" her!!
As you know, I've been to your site and I find it to be a very pleasant place to surf! Keep it going! There's always something new happening and I'm happy to say that I'm finding more and more on the 'net about Okinawa!
Oyasumi nasai!!

Visitor: Dave
Reference: Heard about the web cam
Location: Arkansas, USA
WebSite: Live EYE Cams On The WEB
Web Info:
Date: Tuesday, Feb 24, 1998 at 02:32:19 (EST)
Comments: Nice site you have. Lots to see and do here. Wow that Okinawa Cam is Awesome!
Hi Dave!!
Wow!! Isn't it??? I've spent more than a few hours just snoopin' around Naha with that camera!! It's fantastic!! I just wish that someone would mount one of those up around Okinawa City and the Yomitan Peninsula!! *sigh*
I've been to your site and am impressed with the multitude of Web-cam sites that you've found and linked there!! Yeeesh!!
Come around again from time to time, Dave!! You'll always be welcome at Mick's Big Sky!

Visitor: Curtis Borders
Reference: from a web ring (military around the world)
Location: Spokane Washington
WebSite: SGT CB's Home page
Web Info: About the marine corps & The Air National Guard
Date: Tuesday, Feb 24, 1998 at 01:15:40 (EST)
Comments: Looks like you spend a great amount of time on your page. Very good job, keep up the good work. Enjoyed your page. Good information.
Hi ya, Curtis!!
Hey!! Thanks for coming by one of my pages! Hope ya found something of interest. Just wondering if you came across the link to my Okinawa web-site. I spent 7 years there and saw the Corps evolve as the dominant service on island - great buncha folks!
My most memorable was an 8 day training exercise (Combat Advanced Trauma Life Support) in the Central Training Area! A bunch of us rookie docs, PAs and nurses totally at the mercy of a buncha privates and corporals!! They had a hell of a good time with us and we learned a healthy dose of "Glad they're here" appreciation for the "grunt!"
Anyway, Okinawa was the best time of my life!! Check it out!
Later, Sarge!! *handshake!*

Visitor: John JD Dresel
Reference: From Dave
Location: Great Falls of course
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Feb 21, 1998 at 08:27:52 (EST)
Comments: Mick, Mac told me about your homepage! Well I'm TDY in San Vito, Italy. I'll be leaving here soon. I'm still stationed at Whiteman and still trying hard to get back to Malmstrom!! I may see ya in Jul. Say howdy to everyone at the clinic. TSgt JD
You ol' Son of a bum!!! How nice to hear from ya!!
So, just how "temporary" is that TDY to Italy?? When ya comin' back!!??
Listen, bub.... we'd LOVE to have you come back to Malmstrom! Just keep yourself outta trouble till you can get back! *snicker*
Seriously though... you're a good guy and, JD, I hope you do make it back!! - to Montana that is! And don't be chasin' those Italian women!!
Thanks for checking out the pages, JD! Come back again!!
See ya!! *handshake & a slap on the back*

Visitor: Don R. Paulsen
Reference: Reccomended by brother/Gerry Paulsen
Location: Hebron Indiana
WebSite: None as yet
Web Info:
Date: Sat, Feb 21, 1998 at 02:03:53 (EST)
Comments: Your page was brought to my attention while visiting my brother in Arkansas recently. Though I have never been to any far East countries, I now feel that through your Okinawa site and my brother's personal experience that I have been there.
I especially like your selection of music, particular the instrumental pieces. Congratulations on an absolutely excellent site, second to none! Have bookmarked it and will definitely reccomend your site to my friends. As to a Homepage, am hoping to move to Arkansas in the near future and construct a joint venture page with my brother........................ Don
Hi ya, Don!!
*hearty handshake*
Thank you very much for your kind words. I'd love to take credit for all of what you see on those pages, but let me "fess up" here.... the music, great as it is, isn't mine. Those are links to files already in existence on the net! What I've tried (and will continue) to do is to assemble as much information as I can and present it in a pleasing display. It's a lotta work and, Don, comments such as yours make it well worth the effort! I'm very happy you like it and am delighted you plan to come back!
I "met" your brother, Gerry, a few weeks ago and have exchanged some fun messages with him. Tell him for me, Don... Jim Lowe wonders if he (Gerry) remembers how he saved his career in Billings, Montana! *grinnin'* I don't know the scoop but promised Jim I'd pass it on!!!
Looking forward to seeing your site when you get it up and runnin'!! Thanks again, Don, for coming by!!

Visitor: Misae
Location: Okinawa currently living in Louisiana
WebSite: Misae`s Homepage
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Feb 19, 1998 at 23:54:19 (EST)
Comments: You have a wonderful homepage! I`m glad that you enjoy the beauty of Okinawa. I`m proud to be an Okinawan. I really liked looking at your scrapbook. I grew up in the Okinawa city and some of the pictures you have are of shops that are no longer there, but I used to visit with my mother when I was a little girl. it brought back nice memories.Thanks for visiting my homepage and signing my guestbook. If you wish to add a link to my homepage I would really appreciate it, Thank you. And keep up the good work.
Ganbatte kudasai!!
Wow!! It's great to hear from you so soon!! Thank you for coming over to check out the Okinawa site!!
Oh, jeeeeze!!! I'm sorry to know that some of those shops have closed up!! I do know that my photos are from about 9 years ago, but now, knowing that it REALLY is changing (I always know that it does change - just like to remember the "good old days!") makes me want to go back even MORE!!! *lol*
Well, I'll be back to check out your pages and those of your friends whom are linked to you!! Also, thank you for allowing me to link your page to mine!! *smilin'*
mata ne!!

Visitor: attchan
WebSite: the planet attchan
Web Info:
Date: Tuesday, Feb 17, 1998 at 03:19:28 (EST)
Comments: Hi! Mick san!!! ogenki desuka? and Thank you for my comment's comment! hehe I didn't realize that i didn't write my e-mail address there. gomen nasai well, My Home page is kinda finished for now! Please visit whenever you have time. I just wondering, what's your home page title? I don't think i saw one. and, will you do me a favor? I linked your HP. But, It doesn't go through... Whenever you go to my okinawa page, I want you to look in view source for me. and, Make sure i got the correct address. I've checked so many times, but I can't figure it out( I think i got the correct address)....Yes, I am new to Html stuff... So, I have no idea. My baby Erica was sick for a while. So, I didn't have chance to get on the internet until today. henji ga osokunatte gomen ne! ja, mata kimasu. Take care!
Thank you again for signing in my guestbook!! I am very happy that you have linked my page to yours!! I will get a link to you on my page this evening also! No need for gomen nasai!! I'm happy that we now have each other's e-mail addresses! The title of my Homepage is "Mick's Big Sky" and the Okinawa page is simply "Welcome to Okinawa!" I should come up with a unique name but I just like the "welcome" sentiment!
The winter in Montana has so far been very very mild! Except for a couple of weeks in early January we've been enjoying wonderful warm and sunny days! I'm worried though that this summer will be cool and rainy - we'll see! *smilin'*
I hope your Erica is happy and healthy now! O genki, ne!
Well, I'm off to take another look at your pages and get you linked up!
Oyasumi nasai!!

Visitor: Ken French
Reference: Lycos Okinawa
Location: Born in Japan Air Force Brat
Web Info:
Date: Thurs, Feb 12, 1998 at 23:52:19 (EST)
Comments: Thanks for great web page. I was stationed on Kadena from 1963 to 1968 and was hoping see some pictures of Gate 3. I lived just inside the gate across from the elementary school. Third house on the left as you came in the gate.
I have so many great memories of Kadena. The boonies and playing in the bomb shelters that you pictured in your gallery. Felix the cat gum and Ginki milk and Astroboy on channel 12 or 13 can't really remember. But those are just memories my family lost all of our pictures of Okinawa in a flood in 68. I am hoping to return to Okinawa soon but I know it will be real expensive and my father a retired chief master sergeant tells me it has changed so much I would be disapointed but I have to see for myself. I have been trying to get a roadmap of Okinawa and Kadena but have not had any success. Can you tell me where I can find one. If you can send me a copy via e-mail you could send it to since my juno address will not except graphics. Once again thanks and I will continue to check your web page for further pics. Ken
Hi Mick
Wrote you last night and remembered that I may have lived four houses on the left past gate 3. That is if there is a house before you get to the first street on the left. My sister and I have been reminising about Okinawa and have been e-mailing our life and times back and forth to each other for quite a while. If you are interested in the life and times of a couple of Air Force Brats in the 60's I would gladly at you to our e-mail gallery. Thanks again for a great web page. Looking forward to hearing from you. I will attach a map that I have drawn from memory.


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