This is a longer shot of the same thing. In the lower left you can see the tatami. By the time I built this thing those tatami mats had been rolled up and stored for 13 years! When I took them out of their wrapping they smelled as fresh as the day I bought them. What a nice aroma - fresh tatami grass. Oh, one other thing that I did not build myself was the table. That was obtained from my son when he moved out of his house in Great Falls. It's an over-sized coffee table. When I got done refinishing and painting it it was perfect for this room. Thanks again, DyLon, for the table! In the right foreground is a Saigon elephant that I had purchased in 1973. These were very popular back in the 70s. It wasn't good enough to have one from Vietnam so I also got one that was made in Taiwan - that one, however, isn't in the room.

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