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Sunday - March 12, 2017

If nothing else has convinced me that I regret not having command of the language
this visit to the M3 confirmed it. I'd have had so much more fun if I could speak with
them fluently. I've considered it a number of times in watching, and watching again,
these recordings that I missed the opportunity to understand everything at the time.

I drove into Konbu village to get something to eat, relax and have a beer and hope that
there would be a little more action. I was to discover that I would not be disappointed.

I'll take this over a loud obnoxious night club any time!

In this next sequence I went into the place to find "Almighty", a guy I had met a few nights ago.
It was always nice to see Tsukasa-san too. He couldn't be a nicer guy.

I was pretty sure that "Almighty" (I never did learn his real name) had already gotten
a good head start on me with the Kirin or whatever he was drinking. A nice fella!

Kazie-san, Tsukasa's mother, creates a hell of a bowl of Okinawa soba too!

It was in this next clip that I knew darned well that I was totally lost regarding
the conversation. I'm pretty sure that he was asking me where I was staying.
I know the word "doko" but just didn't put it together at the time. Dang it!

Next is my favorite of all of tonight's segments. The authentic experience of
a small town tavern, replete with sanshin music, song and dance. I also
was christened "Makatu" - the best that he could remember from the other
night when I introduced myself as Miku. I had hoped to learn his name but...

Now, if somebody knows what makatu means and if it's something unflattering
maybe I'm better off not knowing. But if so and you wanna tell me, go ahead!

Although I know the meaning of the word doko (where?) it just didn't register when
he was trying to find out what part of America I lived in. Need to learn to speak Japanese!!

"Almighty" coaxed the little girl to say Hi and to sit next to him and me. She balked and
I said, "IIe, daijoubu ne". With that, the coaxing was over with and I think she was pretty
much relieved. I really don't believe there was any bad intention - he was just trying to
encourage her to be hospitable. Nevertheless it was clear that she didn't want to and
that was just fine. Her mom appeared pleased too that the 'pressure was off' her girl.
Funny how simple things like that leave a lasting impression.

It's been a long day and it's time to go home and get some sleep.
Watashi wa tsekereta desu. Oyasumi! Mata ato de!

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