To the AEON Mall to get Hello Kitty stuff for DyLon
Tuesday - March 14, 2017

Today's mission is two-fold:
1. Go to the AEON Mall to get some hello Kitty stuff for DyLon. His niece's birthday
is coming up and she wants some real genuine Hello Kitty stuff straight from Japan!

2. Stop at the Ocean Breeze to make sure that I know where it is. I'll be having lunch there
tomorrow and want to be on time since my host, Clay Sump, will be on his lunch break. I
remember what it's like to have a limited amount of time. Ahhhh... retirement is so grand!

Lots of under-building parking but I found a good spot in the outdoor lot out in front

It took me a while to find the main door despite it being prominent right in the middle
of the place! I walked right past it the first time but eventually got it - with a little help.

DyLon told me that he'd leave it up to me to decide what to buy for his niece. What do I know
about what a little girl would like? Oh, yeah, I raised three of 'em myself so with confidence I
strode into the Sanrio store and started mulling over the vast array of over-priced Hello Kitties!

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