Not Raining Today! - so back to Hamahiga Island
Sunday - March 12, 2017

Not raining today and I had not forgotten about striking out on Hamahiga Island
so it was time to get back over there and finish what I'd started - walk the village.

In this video segment I announced that it was Sunday, March 13th. Nope. It was the 12th.
ALSO: for some reason YouTube isn't offering the enhancement option to splice videos together
but that's okay, in a way, since individual videos can be viewed in less time and I can add comments between.

Or, maybe I stopped there before getting gas. Kinda looks that way on the video. My memory... y'know?

If you rode with me 2 days ago - on the day it rained - you might not want to do it again. If
that's the case then just skip over these next few "windshield" videos and move on to the pix.

As far as I know, Kadena Air Base is the only place on Okinawa where it's legal to turn left on red.
Someone correct me if this is no longer the case. Have other bases adopted the same policy?

It took me a while to figure out that stopping the camera (or editing out the delay) at
intersections makes it a lot easier to ride along. No one likes waiting for the light, eh?

So, here we are! This is where I stopped a couple of days ago to see the Amamichu-no haka
and if you'll recall I didn't know what I was looking at that day. Such fun to learn stuff afterwards!

History of Hamahiga Island(download .doc file)

Let's move on to Walking around in Higa Village

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