Koza Music Town - March 18, 2017
Saturday - March 18, 2017

After spending most of the afternoon over on Chuo Park Avenue (the old BC Street) watching the Saint Patrick's Day
parade I walked back to pick up my car that was parked at the USO. It was too early to just go home so I bummed
around a bit and ended up coming back to Goya Four Corners to check out Koza Music Town. The last time I was on
island I stopped there just in time to see the last band shutting it all down. That seems to be my luck much of the time.

Judging by the guys back there, waiting in the wings, I suspected that this might be a "battle of the bands" but
the crowd wasn't very large, so maybe not. Although interested, I wasn't into it and didn't stick around very long

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Thanks, Mick

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