Japanese Naval Underground Headquarters
Monday, March 27, 2017

A video of my 1988 visit to this facility is at the bottom of this page. Quite a comparison!

Ninety-three photos and explanatory notes will follow below the video screen on this page. Ready?

On the day of my final foray into the adventures of Okinawa 2017 I sorta did an "Oh, by the way..." and
decided to stop by the old Naval HQ. I hadn't been there in almost three decades. See, I had driven
down to Naha just to make danged certain that I'd be able to find the car rental agency. The last thing
that I needed was to get lost, miss my flight in 2 days and end up having to jump through hoops (to say
nothing about the added expense!) getting a flight rescheduled, find a room for the additional day(s), etc.

So, the prudent thing to do is to at least have a clue where I'm going come Wednesday morning! Besides
that, I hadn't really had my fill of soba or ramen and Naha seemed like a reasonable place to expect to find
some, right? Or, so I have heard. Anyway, off I went to the "big city" with no other specific plans in mind. I
saw the big overhead blue and white sign that beckoned to me, "Go East, young man!" Young man? Heck!

This guide will help in following my progress through the tunnels in the video.

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Thanks, Mick

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