Shiriga, along Route 75 in Uken, Uruma
Monday, March 20, 2017

While kicking around Uken I came across a sign along the road that read, simply, "Shiriga". As I
was looking at the sign and wondering what mystery it held in store, a couple of gaijin women
passed by. I asked if they knew what was down that path. Neither knew and even confessed that
for as long as they had lived nearby they had never noticed the sign. Okay - the challenge was on!

The following photo is a look straight down into the spring. I positioned my lens
between the bars on the grate. The water you see is straight down in the spring.

Though I cannot find any information online about Shiriga the stop was worth the time.
If I learn more about this spring I'll add information here.

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Thanks, Mick

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